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Does It Make Sense to Convert Your IRA to a Roth IRA?

In Articles, Investments by Mitchell Grushen

By Mitchell Grushen Client Advisor Associate   Converting your IRA to a Roth IRA is a tax planning strategy that may provide significant tax savings down the road. Hopefully by the end of this article, we have explained the components that go into the conversion process well enough to help you determine whether this strategy could be right for you. …

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Market Perspectives Q1 2019

In Articles, Investments by Mission Wealth

We’ve prepared an economic update and outlook for the first quarter of 2019 that focuses on a few key themes – a review of last year, an update on the Fed’s monetary policies, the ongoing trade war, the economy, and the implications across asset classes.

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What Is Normal? The Facts and Figures for Retirement Success

In Articles, Investments by Brad Stark

Our goal is to help guide clients in making evidence-based financial decisions to support themselves, their family and their charitable / legacy intents. Whenever markets trade irrationally, the question becomes, “Is this normal, a new normal, or the start of something that could be either good or bad?” While history is no guarantee of the future, it can provide good context for a discussion on what is considered “normal”. Mission Wealth has been providing financial advice for over two decades. During that time, we have identified a handful of investment “requirements” that have helped our clients retire – and stay retired.

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How a Financial Professional Can Help You

In Articles, Estate Planning, Investments, Wealth Management by Mission Wealth

Are you suddenly on your own or forced to assume greater responsibility for your financial future? Unsure about whether you’re on the right track with your savings and investments? Finding yourself with new responsibilities, such as the care of a child or an aging parent? Facing other life events, such as marriage, divorce, the sale of a family business, or a career change? Too busy to become a financial expert but needing to make sure your assets are being managed appropriately? Or maybe you simply feel your assets could be invested or protected better than they are now. These are only some of the many circumstances that prompt people to contact someone who can help them address their financial questions and issues.

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Market Perspectives Q4 2018

In Articles, Investments by Kieran Osborne

We’ve prepared an economic update and outlook for the fourth quarter of 2018 that focuses on a few key themes – commentary on the recent stock market sell-off, a discussion of the ongoing trade war narrative and its impact on the economy, and the outlook for Fed policy and interest rates.

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Investing in 2018: Tuning Out the Noise

In Articles, Investments by Brian Sottak

While 2017 was largely categorized by low volatility and muted headlines, 2018 has seen an increase in volatility (still well below historical norms) and a meaningful increase in market-moving headlines that can often lead investors to make irrational decisions. It is important to look beyond these headlines, tune out the noise, practice discipline, and take a long-term perspective.