About Mission Wealth

Our purpose is to provide caring advice that empowers people to realize true wealth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide caring advice that empowers people to pursue and achieve their financial dreams.

Mission Wealth was founded in 2000 by Seth Streeter and Brad Stark, two pioneers in the wealth management profession. Their mission was to build a firm that would empower both our clients and team members to pursue their financial dreams and to serve their best interests. At the end of the day, we want to know that both our team and our clients will be well cared for. Once they have this peace of mind, they can then focus on more balance, joy and impact in their life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide caring advice that empowers people to realize true wealth.

Our purpose is to provide caring advice that empowers people to realize true wealth. We lead by example in how we care for our team, clients, and the communities we serve. We are committed to our clients, helping them achieve their financial and life goals and we are committed to cultivating a supportive, fun, family-friendly culture. We are adaptable to changes by evolving our services over time. We are continually improving our service offering for clients, and we understand our growth allows us to be cutting-edge and a firm of permanence. We celebrate a growth-mindset and promote continuous learning and career advancement for our team. We foster a thriving diverse and inclusive culture that attracts top talent. We cultivate strong partnerships that drive our national expansion and ability to serve more families. Caring is reflected by how we care for our clients, team members and the communities we serve.

How We Are Different

Our firm is 100% employee-owned, with all owners located nationwide, actively involved in delivering advice and planning. Each team member is personally motivated by the belief that there is value beyond measure in empowering others to achieve their life dreams.

We are looking for new client advisors, partnership opportunities and additional support personnel. If you would like to explore your fit at Mission Wealth, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the opportunity. 

Since 2000, Mission Wealth has retained a record of outstanding community support, gifting a percentage of our firm profits year-over-year to local, national, and international nonprofit organizations. We are proud to now give back to over 50 nonprofit organizations each year.

Giving back is a part of the Mission Wealth culture. We participate in firm-wide sponsorship opportunities, we actively support the organizations that our clients are intimately involved with, and we also support each team member’s individual community engagements. Each employee is encouraged to get involved or give back in their own way. Many of them sit on boards, volunteer, or participate in committees.

Our Community Impact Program considerably increases our impact on the community through both sponsorships and community involvement with select organizations across the nation. The program’s focus is on gifting to organizations that provide support to several different sectors, including the environment, women, youth, education, entrepreneurs, business ownership, history, land preservation, hunger, animal welfare, health, and the arts.

We are proud of our industry recognition and the prestigious awards that we have received. We make a difference working for our clients and for our community, and this has led to industry recognition and many prestigious awards since our founding in 2000.

Year over year, we have had the honor of being recognized by companies such as Forbes, Inc., Fortune, Great Place to Work, FA Magazine, Barron's, and Pacific Coast Business Times. Take a look at our full lists by clicking the Learn More button.

We have two Women on a Mission programs, an internal all-female group and a variety of female advisors that specialize in helping women who are in search of a female wealth advisor they can trust.

Our internal Women on a Mission program includes periodic meetings and speakers for the female team members of Mission Wealth to provide support and empowerment.

Our advisors believe that women can benefit from working with a financial professional who can help them understand their options and implement plans designed to provide women and their families with financially secure lives.

At Mission Wealth our Inspired Living™ services align your financial plans with your greater life values, goals and aspirations. Through these exclusive events you gain access to thought-leaders, specialist research, actionable advice, as well as a world of opportunities that can help you to align each of the 11 Dimensions of Life™ with your very best life.

This program includes Wisdom Share meetings where up to 100 participants crowd-source ideas for how to have more abundance across 11 Dimensions of LifeTM (Impact, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Physical, Fun, Spiritual, Career, Financial, Family and Environment). We also host Conversation Circles for Men and Women to discuss deep life topics in an intimate setting, and INSPIREDtalks where we bring in subject matter experts to speak on various life dimensions (such as Dan Buettner on the Blue Zones and how to have more health and longevity).

At Mission Wealth, caring is one of our leading core values. Thus, diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational pillars to who we are and what we stand for. We celebrate varied perspectives and backgrounds, knowing this is a strength that sparks creativity and innovation to thrive in an increasingly diverse world.

Our firm promotes an equal opportunity environment, with widespread representation of various races, gender identities, religions, sexual orientations and other diverse communities.

Mission Wealth is committed to continually strengthening our company culture through diversity and inclusion programs in both our work environment and the extended communities we serve.