About Mission Wealth

Our mission is to provide caring advice that empowers people to realize true wealth.

About Mission Wealth

Our mission is to provide caring advice that empowers people to realize true wealth.

Mission Wealth's Purpose and Core Values

Our values are the foundation of what we do and who we are. Since our founding, we have been relentlessly dedicated to building an extraordinary firm based on the following four values:


  • We care for one another by treating each other with professionalism and kindness.
  • We care for our clients by serving others the way we would want to be served.
  • We care for our communities through active volunteering and charitable giving.


    • We value and encourage creative thinking and practices to stay competitive in our industry and meet evolving client needs.
    • We promote curiosity, continuous learning, and career advancement for our thriving team.
    • We actively seek opportunities for growth and improvement for clients, as this allows us to be innovative, cutting-edge, and a firm of permanence.


    • We are nimble and able to meet the changing needs of our clients as they navigate their own life transitions.
    • We leverage technology paired with empathy and wisdom to create significant value.
    • We seek team members with diverse backgrounds who bring unique perspectives so that we may enhance both the team and the client experience.


    • We are committed to cultivating a supportive, fun, family-friendly culture.
    • We go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service and results for our clients.
    • We are committed to evolving and expanding our mindset to ensure we stay relevant over time.

    Mission Wealth Founders Brad Stark and Seth Streeter

    Mission Wealth's Vision

    Our vision is to be the leading wealth management firm in the nation, guiding people to achieve their full potential. We have an unwavering commitment to remain culture-first, client-centric, and innovative.

    Mission Wealth was founded in 2000 by Brad Stark and Seth Streeter. Their founding vision was to empower families to pursue their financial dreams and to serve client’s best interests. At the end of the day, we want our clients to know that both they and their families will be well cared for. Once they have this financial peace of mind, they can then focus on more balance, joy, and impact in their life. We offer a high degree of personalized service for every client. When a client joins Mission Wealth, we always have their best interests at heart. Because we are employee-owned, we offer objective advice and are beholden to no one but the customer. All advice that we provide, is caring, thoughtful and focuses on your goals and what you really want out of life.

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    Strategy team at Mission Wealth

    In-House Wealth Strategy Team

    Integrate all aspects of wealth management, estate planning, tax management, investments, asset protection, and philanthropy, while taking into account your unique financial situation. We have everything you need to simplify your life... all in one place. Our in-house team of professionals with specializations in investments, taxes, charitable planning & philanthropy, estate planning, trust services, and asset protection will partner with you and your other trusted advisors to address your family’s unique needs and complexity.
    Accolades and Rankings at Mission Wealth

    Our Accolades & Rankings

    Over the years, Mission Wealth has regularly received local and national awards and recognition. We consider recognition by the media and our peers as a reflection of our hard work and persistence to provide the best service and value to our clients, our team, and the communities we serve. 
    Community Involvement at Mission Wealth

    Our Commitment to the Communities We Serve

    Since 2000, Mission Wealth has retained a record of outstanding community support, gifting a percentage of our firm profits year-over-year to local, national, and international nonprofit organizations. We are proud to now give back to over 100 nonprofit organizations each year. Employees at Mission Wealth continue this community support through paid volunteer time off, group volunteering events, donation matching, and allocated team giving for each region.
    Culture at Mission Wealth

    Our Award-Winning Culture at Mission Wealth

    We’re proud of the culture we’ve created at Mission Wealth and we’re continually investing in new ways to develop all of our people to enable them to grow and succeed throughout their careers. Mission Wealth achieves this through fostering professional and personal growth, a focus on women in the financial industry, diversity throughout our firm, comprehensive benefits package to keep employees work-life balanced, and a continued focus of community impact.
    DE&I at Mission Wealth

    Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Mission Wealth

    Mission Wealth established the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion taskforce, which has a mission to enrich our culture through awareness, education and action in order to create an environment of acceptance and belonging for all. We strive to create equitable and inclusive employment opportunities to meet the needs of all races, genders, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, economic statuses, and all abilities, backgrounds, and perspectives. And because we value diversity of talent and experience, we work every day to give people a sense of belonging to a shared mission, led by our CIO and Co-Founder, Seth Streeter. We believe that, together, we can achieve both our mission and our vision as we look ahead with optimism.
    Career Opportunities at Mission Wealth

    Career Opportunities at Mission Wealth

    Our firm is 100% employee-owned, with all owners located nationwide, actively involved in delivering advice and planning. Each team member is personally motivated by the belief that there is value beyond measure in empowering others to achieve their life dreams. We are looking for new client advisors, partnership opportunities and additional support personnel. If you would like to explore your fit at Mission Wealth, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the opportunity. 

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