Partnership Opportunities

We are seeking aligned wealth management firms and advisors with the right cultural fit to expand our growing nationwide presence.

Why Should You Partner With Mission Wealth?

There are many benefits to joining our firm and we want to make the transition seamless for you, your team and your clients. The decision to merge, join, or sell a business isn’t easy, however within financial advisory services a M&A deal may provide access to resources and capabilities that help to leverage your efforts and ensure ongoing superior care for your clients. If you are ready to explore your fit at Mission Wealth, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the opportunity.

Leverage Our Resources

Access resources you don’t have today. We strategically developed Culture, Operations, Technology, Marketing, Compliance, Investment, Strategy, and Sales/Advice teams and we proactively adopt tools and offer services to support our advisors and help clients accomplish their goals.

Opportunity for Growth

Expand your reach within a team of advisors and a clear and supported path to acquire clientele across the United States. We actively support and create a clear path for employees who wish to take on leadership roles or a position that supports their skill-set and strengths.

Strong Benefits Package

We offer a competitive salary, team-based bonus plan, 401(k), cash balance plan, Employee Assistance Program, profit sharing plan, paid time off, holiday pay, wellness package, and medical/ dental benefits.

Work - Life Balance

A career as a financial advisor can put significant demands on your time. We have a distributed work model across the U.S. with the opportunity to work 100% remote, with flexible working hours. We provide home workstations and technical equipment for every employee and have 20 offices located in major cities available for in-person client meetings.

Access to In-House Professionals

As a firm, our blend of certified financial planners, investment advisors, and hands-on leadership team are critical resources in supporting the long-term success of our clients. We offer access to a growing team of in-house professionals and resources including an investment team, Director of Estate Strategy, Director of Tax Strategy, human resources, compliance specialists, Certified Public Accountants and additional back-office support so that you can focus more on what you do best.

Path to Equity Partner

Contribute to the evolution of our firm and our industry. Our 19-member partner group is continually expanding to client advisors and key support personnel.

Offer More Services to Your Clients

Bring service to a new level for your clients. We offer a robust service offering for our clients, including Wealth Management, Investment Management, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Tax Management, and Inspired Living. We also offer truly customized solutions to meet our client's evolving needs.

Inspired Living™ Platform

Deepen the financial plan discussion with your clients and explore their financial goals in the context of their life goals. Gain access to industry leading life-centered planning programs and events to support your clients and deepen your relationship and value to them.

Join a Fun Culture

Work in a positive company culture that collaborates and cares for each other. We continually cultivate a professionally supportive, award-winning, fun, family-friendly culture. We are an equal opportunity employer and embrace a strong diversity and inclusion program.

Work With a Purpose

Make an impact, have a voice, and create a real difference in people’s lives and in the world. We are environmental stewards as a Certified Green Business and we support our community through sponsorship and participation in Education and Youth Development, Health and Human Services, and Environmental Protection organizations.

Quick Facts

About Our Team

Our team is committed to proactive planning and communication with our clients. We bring ideas and resources to make sure they don’t miss out on any opportunities. Our firm is 100% employee owned and operated, with owners actively involved in their specialist areas, such as improving performance, delivering advice and planning. Our highly credentialed professionals work closely together, harnessing our extensive experience and education to bring world-class service and advice to our clients.

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Case Studies & Video Testimonials

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Meet Our Integrations Team

There are many benefits to joining our firm and when joining, merging, or acquiring a company, we want to make the transition seamless for you, your team and your clients. If you are ready to explore your fit at Mission Wealth, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the opportunity.

Seth Streeter

Seth Streeter


Chief Impact Officer

Brad Stark

Brad Stark


Chief Compliance Officer

Matthew Adams

Matthew Adams


Chief Executive Officer

Nicole Madosik

Nicole Madosik

Integrations Manager

Renee Tennessee

Renee Hennessee


Chief Technology Officer

Michelle Winkles

Michelle Winkles


Chief Marketing Officer

Start Your Successful Business Transition Today

If you’re considering merging, selling, or transitioning your financial advisory practice, we would love to hear from you. Let’s explore our combined capabilities and have a conversation about the opportunities that exist for leveraging new strengths. Learn why our clients and acquired advisors and firms have chosen us for their businesses and clients. If you are ready to explore your opportunities with Mission Wealth, please contact us using the form below or feel free to reach our to a member of our integrations team directly.

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