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Mission Wealth is an independently operated national RIA, acting in a fiduciary capacity, to deliver a best-in-class wealth management experience to our valued clients. We are passionate about continuing to expand our ownership group with successful entrepreneurs who are excited about building a firm of permanence with a thriving team culture and caring client service approach.

Together, we can amplify your...

How can we support your future plans?

If you are a business owner or advisor looking for partnership opportunities, we look forward to connecting with you. Contact us to set up a casual conversation about how your goals fit with Mission Wealth.

Partnership Benefits for Shareholder

Why Partner With Mission Wealth?

When considering partnership, we hope that you will find that this decision can benefit your clients, your team and you as a practitioner and owner.

We look forward to exploring each of these areas in depth to build a clear picture of how a partnership is beneficial for all.

Partnership Benefits For You as a Practitioner and Shareholder
  • 100% of shares awarded on Day 1
  • Voice/Vote in a democratic voting structure
  • Single share class
  • K-1 Partner
  • Quarterly Dividends
  • Annual liquidity provisions
  • Ability to purchase additional shares
  • Ability to leverage your current business to amplify your shareholder value
    Partnership Benefits for Your Team
    Partnership Benefits For Your Team
    • Career ladders and advancement opportunities for all members of your team
    • Paths to Partnership for next generation and other roles
    • Work with a purpose - a career path where your team can make an impact
    • Work from home friendly
    • Fun, positive, and caring culture
    • Affinity peer groups, mentorships, firmwide retreats
    • Competitive compensation and benefits package
    • W-2 Employee
      partnership client benefits
      Partnership Benefits For Your Clients
      • Peace of mind from team support
      • High-touch service model with specialized offerings
      • Access to sophisticated, customized investment solutions
      • In-house Strategy team, specializing in tax, estate, and retirement planning
      • Invitations to Inspired Living programs
      • Family Office Service Model
      • First-class client-facing technology

        Top Questions We Receive

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        Meet Our Strategic Mergers and Integrations Team

        If you are ready to explore your fit at Mission Wealth, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the opportunity.

        Seth Streeter

        Chief Impact Officer
        MS, CFP®, CDFA™

        Seth Streeter
        (805) 690-3905

        Brad Stark

        Chief Strategy Officer
        MS, CFP®, AAMS®, CMFC℠

        Brad Stark
        (805) 690-3901

        Matthew Adams

        Chief Executive Officer

        Matthew Adams
        (805) 690-3907

        Nicole Madosik
        Integrations Manager

        Nicole Madosik
        (805) 679-0664

        Renee Hennessee

        Chief Technology Officer

        Renee Tennessee
        (805) 690-9061

        Michelle Winkles

        Chief Marketing Officer

        Michelle Winkles
        (805) 690-3854

        Can we help answer any of your questions?

        We hope you will contact us for a conversation where we can fully engage your questions in greater depth.

        Let us answer your questions

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        In The News

        Read our latest M&A news and announcements.


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        CEO Excellence: Seth Streeter on Leaving the CEO Role to Increase His Impact

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        April 22, 2022
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        Start Your Successful Business Transition Today

        If you’re considering merging, selling, or transitioning your financial advisory practice, we would love to hear from you. Let’s explore our combined capabilities and have a conversation about the opportunities that exist for leveraging new strengths. Learn why our clients and acquired advisors and firms have chosen us for their businesses and clients. If you are ready to explore your opportunities with Mission Wealth, please contact us using the forms on this page or feel free to reach our to a member of our integrations team directly.

        We look forward to having a conversation!