Inspired Living™

Your life. Our mission.


Are you living your life in a way that brings you joy and meaning?

At Mission Wealth our Inspired Living services align your financial plans with your greater life values, goals, and aspirations. Through these exclusive events, you'll gain access to thought leaders, specialist research, actionable advice, as well as a world of opportunities that can help you to align each of the 12 Dimensions of Wealth with your very best life.

We do more than manage wealth and investments.

When designing a comprehensive financial plan for our clients, we believe that all aspects of life should be considered in order to build an effective, meaningful, and fulfilling plan.

It’s your life, but it’s our mission to make it better.

Our goal in this plan is to provide leverage for our clients as they undertake a journey to discover what they truly want from their lives. In this journey we will offer them access to the resources that they need in order to assist them, as they engineer and shift their lives in a direction that will give them greater fulfillment, meaning and joy.

Our advisors are able to gain deeper insights about clients.

All of these insights are confidential, but they provide the advisor with a greater understanding of a client’s unique situation and desired changes. This results in our advisors being more equipped than ever, as they make real and meaningful changes in their clients’ lives. Our advisors are active participants in how the Inspired Living service is developed and managed. They are able to enjoy these deeper-dives with their clients.

12 Dimensions of Wealth

Together we will reflect on the 12 Dimensions of Wealth, which integrates with your financial life plan. There are several ways we do this, and one is through an initial assessment. An advisor will meet with their client and help them identify the level of satisfaction they have in each of our 12 Dimensions, highlighting specific areas they would like to improve.

1. Impact

The degree of difference you are making to the world at large.

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2. Family

Your connection and quality time spent with those closest to you.

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3. Emotional

Your stress levels, the quality of your sleep and your attitude.

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4. Intellectual

How you feel about your mental stimulation and development.

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5. Financial

Satisfaction and comfort with your net worth and income.

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6. Physical

How you feel about how your body looks, feels and functions.

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7. Environmental

Maintaining a sense of place and alignment where you live.

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8. Spiritual

Your connection to a grounding framework beyond yourself.

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9. Career

How your values, talents and passions are aligned with your employment.

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10. Social

The caliber of your relationships with friends and in the community.

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11. Fun

The amount of daily joy are you experiencing in your life.

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12. Creativity 

Allowing your creativity an outlet to be expressed.

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See All Dimensions

See our entire library of content around the Dimensions of Wealth.

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How Can Inspired LivingHelp You?

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Inspired Living Events that Inspire Change

There are many ways to engage in our Inspired Living platform. Your client advisor at Mission Wealth will stay involved with you during this process to help coordinate resources and ensure that your financial plan is updated to support your Inspired Living journey.


Featuring Seth Streeter

At a virtual INSPIREDtalk you'll learn directly from our hand-selected and renowned experts in each Dimension of Wealth, such as Dr. Darshan ShahEduardo BriceñoDr. Daniel CrosbyDr. Victor RiosDr. Elizabeth LombardoDan BuettnerAndrew Mellen, and Chip Conley. These events provide a platform for inspiring thought leaders to present their most relevant and actionable research surrounding the Dimension of Wealth in focus for that quarter. The topics discussed are then explored further at our Conversation Circles and Wisdom Shares.

These talks are open to the public. You can sign up for live virtual events where you’ll be able to ask questions, or you can watch recorded presentations from our past speakers.

Inspired LivingWisdom Shares

Join a virtual Wisdom Share session to reflect upon the Dimensions of Wealth. Cultivate new ways of thinking by engaging and reflecting on the group's collective experiences in each Dimension, and learn the nuggets of wisdom that others have discovered throughout their lives. These 90-minute Wisdom Shares include between 80 and 100 attendees, who will be working alongside advisors to collectively dive into the different dimensions of our lives.

These events are exclusively for our Mission Wealth clients or prospective clients. If this is you and you would like to learn more about these events, please reach out to your client advisor.

Inspired LivingConversation Circles

A conversation circle allows small groups of women or men to come together in a comfortable and welcoming environment to share stories and experiences at their level of comfort or desire. In each circle, we will dive deeper into the Dimension of Wealth discussed at the latest INSPIREDtalk. Past Circles have explored designing your next stage of lifehealth and longevity, and the power of decluttering your environment

These events are exclusively for our Mission Wealth clients or select prospective clients. If this is you and you would like to learn more about these events, please reach out to your client advisor.