Charitable Planning & Philanthropy

Discover how much you can afford to give, learn tax-free friendly tactics, and maintain your charitable values.

Create a wonderful opportunity to apply your gifts and utilize your skills differently.

We help our clients identify the causes and charities that they are most passionate about through our Categories of Philanthropy exercise. Then we help introduce our clients to potential nonprofit partners in their field of interest.

What We Help Clients With

Many of our clients want to incorporate charitable giving and philanthropy into their financial plan but need guidance. Through our continued planning process, we determine the most efficient way for clients to do their giving. This may include distributions from retirement plans, using donor advised funds for the transfer of appreciated stock, or more sophisticated solutions through charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts.

We all want to help our loved ones, but sometimes money hurts more than it helps. Even if you have the means to provide a stipend, consider the effect that your money will have on you, your spouse, and the person to whom you’ll be giving it. Ideally, a stipend should provide your loved one with a path towards financial independence, without putting your happiness, or your financial security, at risk.

Depending on your vision and goals, you have many choices available to you. At Mission Wealth, we can help you think through this process, offering suggestions and tools.