Endowments & Foundations

Obtain peace of mind knowing you can fully devote your time and energy on what is most important – achieving your organization’s mission.


We offer comprehensive, customized solutions designed to help foundations and endowments accomplish their unique objectives.

At Mission Wealth we work with your investment committee to help you gain a more strategic perspective on governance processes and implementation considerations — ensuring the checks and balances necessary to support successful investment execution. We collaborate with nonprofits and community foundations to provide efficient investment solutions in transparency to their donor bases.

We can help you manage your personal finances as well as your business.

Running a business can be all-consuming, leaving little time to plan for your financial future and your family’s security. We can help you make sure that your personal finances are in order and that you're able to reap the financial benefits and tax advantages that ownership may afford. We work as your personal CFO so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business and enjoying your life.  


Benefits to Working With Us

Our aim is to provide holistic advice, so that we can broadly help our clients advance their nonprofit missions. We counsel our clients on many issues outside of traditional portfolio management, and work with them on topics ranging from sustainable withdrawal percentages to donor support.

  • Customized, flexible and scalable solutions

  • Reduced fees and streamlined custody

  • Global research and resources at your grasp

  • Best in class institutional managers, including illiquid investment managers

  • Customized low volatility asset allocation for your endowment to create more reliable income for operations

  • Market insights, capital markets trade guidance, deep product knowledge, and portfolio customization

  • Extensive experience — our team members include CIOs, investment committee members and board members

Financial Solutions for Endowments and Foundations

Need Answers?

We offer comprehensive, customized solutions designed to help foundations and endowments accomplish their unique objectives.


How We Can Help Endowments and Foundations

Investment Management

  • Investment Policy Statement Creation
  • Customized Investment Solutions
  • Illiquid Investment Solutions (i.e. Private Equity)
  • Cash Management

    Investment Committee Facilitation & Leadership

    • Distribution Sustainability (help on determining the draw)
    • Financial Education
    • Ongoing Performance Reporting
    • Goal Tracking (endowment building, capital campaign, etc.)

      Board and Donor Support

      • In-kind donations of stock to an operational account that we can help administer
      • Planned Giving Support, Seminars & Collateral
      • Board Education