Tax Management

Explore strategies to help defer, reduce and better manage your taxes.

Let Us Help You Minimize Your Tax Burden

We help you explore the most cost-effective solutions to help cover a number of possibilities. We have no proprietary products to sell and no quotas to fill. We simply offer independent, objective advice that serves your best interests.

Tax Management Services

Our Tax Management Services Include:

  • Annual Tax Management Review
  • Integration and Coordination with CPA on Tax Savings Strategies
  • Direct Access to our CPAs on Staff
  • Meetings With Our Director of Tax Strategy
  • Tax Return Preparation Services (for clients with over $2.5MM AUM)
  • Tax-Smart Implementation and Trading
  • Concentrated Stock Planning
  • Estate Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Cross Border Tax Optimization

Are you looking for objective tax advice that serves your best interests?

We have the experience and resources that can help create a total coordinated picture. Meet our Director of Tax Strategy.

More About Our Tax Management Services

We realize that taxes may be one of your largest ongoing expenses. We will bring tax reduction strategies to you and coordinate with your CPA on implementation. We also manage your investment portfolio in a tax-efficient manner.

Diversify your portfolio in a very tax efficient manner with Concentrated Stock Planning.

You may feel handcuffed due to a low cost basis or employer-imposed restrictions. Let us help you make the most of your concentrated position. We will coordinate with your tax advisor to minimize the tax impact of divesting over time. Solutions include custom option strategies, exchange funds, and writing index put/call spreads.

The Exchange Fund allows investors who have at least a $5MM net worth transfer their highly appreciated concentrated stock position into a diversified S&P 500-like fund without triggering capital gains taxes. This allows our clients to diversify their portfolio in a very tax efficient manner.


We integrate and help coordinate with your CPA on Tax Savings Strategies.

As quarterback of your financial team, we will work with your CPA or tax accountant to identify opportunities to increase your pre-tax savings or reduce your overall tax burden. This may include utilizing donor advised funds for charitable giving, gifting RMDs directly to charity (Qualified Charitable Distribution) or converting IRA assets to Roth during low income tax years.

We help you discover possible estate tax reduction strategies.

Through our thorough estate plan review, we can help you understand your current and future potential exposure to estate taxes, and discuss possible estate tax reduction strategies.


We provide a powerful Tax Management Review* with complex scenario analysis, including tax impact of financial recommendations.

Through collaboration with your CPA, we review your prior year’s tax return and discuss any major changes expected to occur in the current tax year. From this, tax minimization strategies may be recommended.

*Mission Wealth does not provide tax or legal advice. This review does not represent tax, accounting, or legal advice.

My goal is to help our financial advisors and their clients with an holistic approach to tax strategy. Taxes can be a major expense for many of our clients, and I enjoy helping find solutions to minimize those taxes.
Brandon Baiamonte MS, CPA, CFE, CFM, CFA®