Investment Management for Individuals, Families and Businesses

At Mission Wealth, we develop customized, globally diversified, tax-efficient portfolios tailored to your financial plan and built to stand the test of time.


Our 9 Principles of Investment Management

At Mission Wealth, we are deeply rooted in an evidence-based investment strategy built on decades of Nobel Prize-winning research. We ignore the media noise and Wall Street hype, relying instead on a long-term approach and proven principles that reward investors over time.

1. Investments should align with your financial plan.

Investment decisions should not be made in isolation, but rather as part of an overall plan that fully integrates all aspects of your financial life.

2. Successful investing results from a long-term disciplined approach.

Successful investing is best achieved over the long term by implementing a clearly defined investment strategy and focusing on maximizing risk-adjusted returns, not beating the benchmarks.

3. Fear and greed degrade portfolio returns.

Succumbing to fear and greed and making emotional short-term decisions, such as chasing market performance or trying to time the markets, consistently leads to significantly worse performance than the broader markets.

4. A multi-strategy approach mitigates market risk.

Investing in the stock market is often unpredictable, but the value of a diversified multi-strategy investment portfolio can help to reduce overall risk.

5. Portfolio design is the greatest influencer of returns.

Proper investment diversification and asset allocation account for over 90% of the returns that an investor will earn, while at the same time a broadly diversified portfolio can reduce overall market risk.

6. Tax-efficient investing leads to greater long-term returns.

Maximizing after-tax returns by incorporating tax-loss harvesting and asset location strategies significantly improves the long-term performance of your portfolio.

7. Custom portfolios deliver long-term benefits.

Custom portfolios align your investments with your risk tolerance and values and allow you to utilize existing low tax base holdings to achieve your long-term financial goals.

8. Rebalancing takes advantage of opportunities.

Disciplined, systematic re-balancing of your portfolio maintains your risk and return profile and takes advantage of “buy low, sell high” opportunities.

9. Costs make a difference.

Choosing low-cost investments and practicing efficient trading execution can reduce overall costs in your portfolio and produce higher net-of-fees returns.

How Can Mission Wealth Help You?

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About Our Specialty Investment Services

We build custom portfolios for our clients based on a deep understanding of their goals and objectives as derived by our financial planning process.

We Develop Customized, Globally Diversified, Tax-Efficient Investment Portfolios

At Mission Wealth, we develop investment portfolios tailored to your financial plan and built to stand the test of time. As always, our portfolios are designed to help you get the most out of your investments at a comfortable risk level. Furthermore, our portfolios can be customized to integrate your legacy holdings so you do not pay any unnecessary taxes due to the portfolio transition.

We identify and select quality investments and strategies to address a wide range of financial needs. Whether your objective is to fund retirement, generate higher income, grow for the future, diversify concentrated holdings, provide a world-class education or increase tax-efficiency, we can guide in you the right direction.

We are deeply rooted in academic, evidence-based research. All too often, greed and fear drive investor behavior rather than prudence. We focus attention on what has proven to significantly reward investors over time, including risk management, global diversification, fee reduction, tax efficiency, yield and tactical rebalancing. In order to avoid portfolio overlap, we will enhance your portfolio by adding asset classes that complement your existing holdings. We can also build custom bond ladders and create a Socially Responsible Portfolio for you.

We Research and Advise on Alternative Investments

At Mission Wealth, we’ve been researching and advising on alternative investments for nearly two decades. We help clients identify the appropriate fund managers based on their risk/reward requirements, and we have significant experience helping clients construct a suitable portfolio that meets their long-term financial goals.

Why consider Illiquid Alternatives?

These funds provide access to unique investment opportunities, offering the potential for enhanced return and yield over those typically available in daily liquid public markets, such as “traditional” stocks and bonds. Illiquid alternative funds may provide investors with access to a persistent liquidity premium. Historically, the liquidity premium for Private Equity has been 5.69%, while the liquidity premium for Private Credit has been 3.87%.*

These strategies intend to offer attractive risk profiles with lower levels of volatility than equities, but also generally less correlated returns to US and international equity markets – potentially guarding against equity market sell-offs.

These types of strategies had historically been reserved for larger, institutional-type investors (think large pension plans, endowments, etc.) but through our strategic partnerships we are able to offer them to our clients, where appropriate. We partner with best in class managers with extensive experience and track records managing these unique opportunity sets.

alternative investment solutions
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*All numbers are annualized. Private Equity liquidity premium calculated as annual return for the Cambridge Private Equity Index minus the Russell 3000 Index. Private Credit liquidity premium calculated as annual return for the Cliffwater Direct Lending Index minus the average of the S&P/LSTA U.S. Leveraged Loan Index and the Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Index. Return calculations based on time period September 2004 through December 2018.

Obtain Solutions for Concentrated Stock Positions

We can help clients whose portfolios include large holdings. Even if the stock has done well, a client may want more diversification or have new financial goals that require a shift in strategy. The choices appropriate for clients are complex and will depend on their unique situations and tax considerations.

Data shows that an individual stock has significantly more risk than a diversified portfolio of many holdings. Per JP Morgan data, from 1980 to 2020, approximately 44% of all stocks experienced a catastrophic loss (a price decline of 70% or more from peak value with minimal recovery). For investors with concentrated positions, diversification and downside protection should be a central consideration within their overall financial plan.

When a single stock dominates a portfolio, selling the stock may be complicated by more than just the associated tax consequences. 

  • There also may be legal constraints on the ability to sell (if working for the company).
  • You may have practical considerations, such as the possibility that a large sale could overwhelm the market if thinly traded.
  • There may be an emotional attachment to a stock, such as if a large position was inherited or was a major factor in increasing net worth.

Our Solutions

Customized Options Strategies: Options strategies include buying a put option on the underlying stock, which provides downside protection similar to insurance.

An options collar is a strategy that utilizes both call and put options to keep the returns of the concentrated stock range bound. By selling call options to fund the purchase of put options, this strategy has the potential to be implemented in a costless manner.

Exchange Fund: An Exchange Fund allows for the contribution of a single stock into a diversified pool of stocks designed to closely track the broad stock market. You do not need to sell the security and the contribution is a non-taxable event. After seven years, the investor can receive back a diversified basket of stocks with no capital gains consequences. To participate, an investor must be a Qualified Purchaser ($5MM liquid net worth).

      *Every exchange fund is different, please reference the prospectus for details prior to investing. Information provided here is to be viewed as general in nature. Investors need to financially qualify for certain transactions and products. Please seek professional advice, including tax and legal.

      Receive Ongoing Monitoring, Tax-loss Harvesting, Portfolio Rebalancing & Performance Reporting

      We build custom portfolios for our clients based on a deep understanding of their goals and objectives as derived by our financial planning process. Asset allocation and global diversification are employed in an attempt to maximize risk-adjusted returns. We employ disciplined, systematic rebalancing of your portfolio to maintain your risk and return profile to take advantage of “buy low, sell high” opportunities.

      We are long-term investors who monitor underlying investments daily, rebalance portfolios quarterly, and proactively replace managers when warranted. We make periodic tactical changes to adjust to changing market conditions.

      Our dedicated investment department will continue to monitor the investments, rebalance on a quarterly basis, tax-loss harvest when appropriate, and provide quarterly performance reporting to our clients.

      Align Your Portfolio With Your Values Through Socially Responsible Investing

      At Mission Wealth, we select and proactively monitor companies and investments deemed to be “best in class” based on ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) criteria. Through our sophisticated research software, we can scour the universe of stocks, bonds, funds and ETFs and include those with high ESG scores. We then put them together into our Social Values Portfolio, which is a diversified basket of investments.

      Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) aligns an investor’s portfolio with their specific values and beliefs. SRI is a well-established and growing approach that considers societal good in addition to financial return. Globally, at least $21 trillion is professionally managed under an SRI mandate (Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, Global Sustainable Investment Review, 2014).

      In recent years, Socially Responsible Investing has grown to include far more Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. ESG-focused institutional investment will rise 84% to over $33 trillion by 2026, making up 21.5% of assets under management (PwC Report, 2022). We provide our clients access to this cutting edge ESG research via our partnership with MSCI and their extensive global database on thousands of underlying corporations.

      We Construct and Maintain Well-Diversified Portfolios of High Credit Quality Individual Bonds

      Bonds are allocated in a way to produce an intermediate duration profile, while taking advantage of changes in the level of interest rates. We assess the relative attractiveness of various bond yields, targeting the most attractively priced maturities while maintaining diversification across bond portfolios.

      For taxable accounts, we optimize tax efficiency by targeting Federal and State tax exempt municipal issues. We manage taxable fixed income portfolios for clients nationwide.

      For clients with existing securities, we analyze those holdings to determine which bonds meet credit and duration criteria, while overlaying tax efficiency optimization to generate a recommended list of portfolio adjustments. We also incorporate any client specific requests or exclusions to create tailored fixed income portfolios.

      We limit our individual fixed income securities to those rated A or better, thereby avoiding issuers with a higher level of default risk. We access bond pricing from hundreds of brokers, enabling us to find best execution for any given security. Once purchased, we actively monitor positions to ensure they continue to meet our investment criteria.

      individual bond management
      *Like any investment, bonds can lose value and are not risk free. Some but not all risks include duration, interest, credit, default, liquidity, etc.
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      Receive Tax-Smart Implementation & Low Trading Costs

      The decisions you make about when to buy and sell investments, and about the specific investments you choose, can help to determine your tax burden. We use a combination of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds and our process is designed to minimize transaction costs as well as taxes when we rebalance or trade positions. We also “asset locate”, meaning we put the less tax-efficient asset in your tax-deferred accounts, while the more tax-efficient assets can provide more benefit in your taxable account. This helps to increase your after-tax portfolio return.

      Investing tax-efficiently doesn't have to be complicated, but it does take some planning. While taxes should never be the sole driver of an investment strategy, better tax awareness does have the potential to improve your returns.

      There are several different levers to pull to try to manage taxes: selecting investment products, timing of buy and sell decisions, choosing accounts, taking advantage of losses, and specific strategies such as charitable giving can all be pulled together into a cohesive approach that can help you manage, defer, and reduce taxes.

      Of course, investment decisions should be driven primarily by your goals, financial situation, timeline, and risk tolerance. But as part of that framework, factoring in taxes may help you build wealth faster.

      We Can Build a Cash Management Solution for Clients

      We can build a cash management solution for our clients consisting of individual Certificates of Deposit, Variable Rate Demand Notes, Money Market Funds and Treasury Bills. We often provide this service free of charge as part of a larger relationship with our clients.

      In today’s low interest rate environment, every last basis point counts as does the safety, security, liquidity, and peace of mind that these very high credit quality investments provide.

      Address Specific Risk With Stock Option Planning

      We also advise on 10b5-1 plans and of course help in the coordination with your CPA to make sure you have the most tax efficient outcome possible.

      Stock options are fantastic vehicles toward wealth accumulation but often lead to large security concentrations within your portfolio. As those stock concentrations grow, we have a number of solutions to help you address at specific risk.

      Stock Option Planning Services

      Minimize After-Tax Income with Custom Income Strategies

      If you are seeking additional income from your portfolio, we can create custom income strategies to maximize the after-tax income generated by your portfolio. We utilize buy-write strategies as well as ETFs that favor companies with higher dividend yields.

      This income tilt can be very beneficial, especially in the current low (and rising) interest rate environment we are experiencing. Additional income can be generated via the use of REITs, direct credit, direct real estate, along with other alternative investments and fixed to float bonds.

      View our Investment Education Video Library

      Take a look at our investment education library to understand more about investment costs, investment discipline, tax-loss harvesting, the benefits of rebalancing, and more about our process.