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When we first started this journey, to have real professional help with our finances, our interview with [Mission Wealth] was fairly simple. It was an easy decision with John and I both choosing to go with you and Mission Wealth. You (Steve) are exactly the same person we interviewed. It wasn’t a sales pitch. And you are exactly the person we choose today. Finances will always be variable, but you have stayed true and confidently handled the last tumultuous years with positivity. Thanks for taking care of our whole family. They are everything to me.
Kristen S. - Client
The most important asset a company can have, and that is especially true in the service industry, and critical in the financial advisory services industry is TRUST. Well, Mission Wealth has my hundred and ten percent trust in how they handle my money. Their judgment is based on prudent analysis of risk-benefit ratio and they have not failed me in the years I have been using their services. If you want to sleep peacefully at night and know someone is [handling] your financial well-being, go Mission.
Ichak A. - Client

I am a satisfied client of Mission Wealth, and because of the excellent work that Julianna is doing in taking care of our financial resources. Not only does Julianna have high levels of financial expertise, but she is extremely thorough and pays intense attention to details.

As an example, in her prep for our meeting, she had noticed that my regular pension payment was missing from my 2021 tax return, an omission both the CPA and I had missed. We were able to quickly file an amended return before the extension deadline today thereby avoiding any penalties.

Even more importantly, the income-oriented strategy that she has overseen (with the help of Brian and others, of course) has played out very well in the current negative markets. At this point, I'm sure glad I chose Mission Wealth and Julianna to manage our wealth.

Jim D. - Client

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five months since my husband passed away. During this time, I have experienced some breaks in concentration, which I attribute to the "widow fog." As my husband's Alzheimer's disease advanced, Rory has been a constant support to help me cope with the changes that have occurred and those yet to come.

I am writing to express my gratitude for Mission Wealth's unwavering assistance to my husband and me over the last decade. Without your support, I could not have managed it all. Thank you once again.

Geri G. - Client

We chose Mission Wealth over 3 other wealth managers because of how they presented a well-thought-out financial and tax management strategy a few years ago. Over time they have proven to be fantastic wealth managers with well-performing results but what has impressed us the most is their accessibility and personal interest in our overall relationship.

Julianna has our complete trust and confidence and at no time are we left wondering what is happening with our portfolio. We feel we have a fully integrated tax, wealth, and estate partnership at Mission Wealth with Julianna taking the lead.

Steve & Helen - Clients
Although I appreciate Mission Wealth's holiday card, you (and your team) are what I am really thankful for. You (Jorie) take the worry out of one of my most important items in retirement. I am so lucky to have you as my retirement money liaison. You are very knowledgeable, thoughtful, kind, upbeat, and straightforward with me. I greatly appreciate all of your attributes.
Andy T. - Client

I have been with brokerage companies for many years, but there came a point when I needed a wealth management company to better suit my needs. I interviewed two different companies: one was a brokerage house with offices locally, and the other was Mission Wealth (MW). Both made presentations and recommendations involving my account, considering taxes and investments. However, MW's presentation was both comprehensive and relevant, covering a number of key areas. They became my first choice, and I have not been disappointed or looked back.

Having the right senior wealth advisor is the best part of this important relationship. I am very grateful for Ethan's management of my accounts. He has initiated, on my behalf, a review of my insurance coverage, annuities, investments, income tax positions (including certain specific recommendations), and now estate tax considerations.

The in-house capability of MW advisors is very helpful in complementing Ethan's ongoing account management, including relevant cash flow projections. Having confidence in Ethan makes it easier to face the sometimes rough financial times we have.

Throughout the process, Ethan has been a trusted partner in meetings with attorneys, CPAs, and insurance brokers, and in understanding my family. He has competently explained different issues, including related risks and mitigation plans, as well as various recommendations. He is available and proactive. Most importantly, I trust that Ethan's counsel is in my best interest. I trust him implicitly. I can't ask for more than that!

Denise C. - Client
Client feedback

I love Peter's knowledge and passion, but most importantly, I feel like he really cares about helping me make the most of my earnings. I love knowing that I have options available to me, and he explains the thinking behind his recommendations and takes the time to help me understand and feel comfortable with my choices.

The timing of Peter and me joining Mission Wealth and being matched up is ideal. I feel like I have more than an advisor; I have a trusted partner…which is exactly what I was hoping. Some companies view their employees as resources to use, and others view them as assets for investment and growth. I’m glad to see Mission Wealth falls into that latter category.

Cheryl D. - Client

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