Individual Bond Management

We believe a dedicated allocation to high quality core fixed income plays an important role in an investment portfolio.

Our dedicated Fixed Income team manages individual bond holdings to ensure consistency with tax efficiency goals, risk tolerance, credit considerations, income optimization, and the desire to target or avoid specific issuers.

Our Process

At Mission Wealth, we construct and maintain well-diversified portfolios of high credit quality individual bonds. Bonds are allocated in a way to produce an intermediate duration profile, while taking advantage of changes in the level of interest rates. We assess the relative attractiveness of various bond yields, targeting the most attractively priced maturities while maintaining diversification across bond portfolios.

For taxable accounts, we optimize tax efficiency by targeting Federal and State tax exempt municipal issues. We manage taxable fixed income portfolios for clients nationwide.

For clients with existing securities, we analyze those holdings to determine which bonds meet credit and duration criteria, while overlaying tax efficiency optimization to generate a recommended list of portfolio adjustments. We also incorporate any client specific requests or exclusions to create tailored fixed income portfolios.

We limit our individual fixed income securities to those rated A or better, thereby avoiding issuers with a higher level of default risk. We access bond pricing from hundreds of brokers, enabling us to find best execution for any given security. Once purchased, we actively monitor positions to ensure they continue to meet our investment criteria.

We specialize in the management of bond ladders, such as municipal bonds, treasuries and Government agencies, corporate bonds, fixed to floating rate securities, and ESG screened bond portfolios.

What are the Benefits to Bond Investments?

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Bonds can help diversify and guard against volatility. Bond prices have historically moved in the opposite direction to stocks during times of stock market duress. Furthermore, bond coupons can provide you with a steady stream of income.

Bonds help serve important roles in a portfolio. Amongst them are capital preservation, fixed income, capital appreciation, diversification, and as a potential hedge against sconomic weakness or deflation.

*Like any investment, bonds can lose value and are not risk free. Some but not all risks include duration, interest, credit, default, liquidity, etc.