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INSPIREDtalk at Mission Wealth

Watch the Recap of the INSPIREDtalk with Mara Abrams

Watch the recap of Mission Wealth's tenth INSPIREDtalk with Co-Founder Seth Streeter and the visionary Founder and CEO of Numara Impact, Mara Abrams. This webinar transcends the conventional boundaries of impact and Mara's unique approach combines strategic philanthropy, creative investments, and leveraging technology with personal mindfulness to not only change the world around us but to also initiate personal transformation.

Expert Advice on Living Your Best Life

A Mission Wealth INSPIREDtalk works with our roster of experts, influencers, and thought-leaders within each of the Dimensions of Wealth. These renowned specialists will share research, professional experience, tools, and tips surrounding their subject. INSPIREDtalks aim to support you towards your very best life by offering access to relevant and actionable resources from renowned experts.

INSPIREDtalks are virtual webinars that are open to the public. These events focus on providing tangible suggestions and resources for those wishing to optimize an area of their life. All attendees will receive the video recording after the event.

The Benefits of INSPIREDtalks

  • Gain valuable insights about each Dimension of Wealth from specialists and thought-leaders in that area.
  • Learn how to navigate change and uncertainty in life by discovering ways to prepare for life's biggest transitions.
  • Ask questions and get real-time advice or suggestions.
  • Invite your friends and family to share in the experience.
  • Put what you've learned into practice with your advisor guiding you along your journey.

How Can Inspired LivingHelp You?

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Past INSPIREDtalk Speakers

Strategies for Amplifying Your Impact

Featuring Mara Abrams

In our 10th INSPIREDtalk, Seth Streeter leads a transformative session with Mara Abrams, Founder and CEO of Numara Impact. This webinar delved beyond traditional philanthropy, offering innovative insights and practical steps to create a meaningful impact strategy. Mara outlines 10 key points and takeaways to help amplify your impact.
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Mastering Change at Any Age

Featuring Bruce Feiler

With all that’s happening in today’s world, how do you transform times of change into periods of creativity and growth? In our jam-packed one-hour INSPIREDtalk, Bruce Feiler and Seth Streeter explore the art of navigating life transitions and discuss finding meaning in work at any age. This talk includes a bold new road map for discovering purpose in what you do, how families with wealth may have conversations about values, and the tools you can utilize now to help assist you in these conversations.
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Taking Your Health to the Next Level Using Modern Science

Featuring Dr. Darshan Shah

Over the past 100 years, humanity has been able to extend our lifespan, but has also decreased our healthspan. In this INSPIREDtalk, Dr. Shah introduces the latest technology and thoughts on every aspect of the wellness wheel, and how you can institute simple steps to optimize your lifespan and health span.
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Dr. Darshan Shah INSPIREDtalk

Growth Mindset for Lifelong Growth

Featuring Eduardo Briceño

Fostering a "growth mindset" has never been more important than now. The world is changing at an incredible fast pace and there are new challenges we must face every day, whether at home, work, or even while entering a new chapter in life. In this INSPIREDtalk, author and TEDxTalk Speaker Eduardo Briceño explains what and why a growth mindset is important and how we can shift our current way of thinking.
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Dr. Eduardo Briceno INSPIREDtalk

The Intersection of Money, Mind, and Meaning

Featuring Dr. Daniel Crosby

During the past couple of years, we have navigated some of the most complicated, challenging, and emotionally complex markets of all time. In this INSPIREDtalk, we hear from psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Daniel Crosby explain the nine timeless truths about investing, finance, and how to make financial decisions in times of uncertainty.

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Make an Impact in Your Community or the World at Large

Featuring Dr. Victor Rios

After being a victim of gun violence, Dr. Victor Rios decided to resume his schooling with the help of one of his high school teachers, Flora Russ and various other mentors. In this INSPIREDtalk, he explains the journey he took, along with his research findings in order to develop interventions for marginalized students aimed at promoting personal transformation and civic engagement.

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Dr. Victor Rios INSPIREDtalk

From Surviving to Thriving: Discover Your Best Self

Featuring Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

During times of change and uncertainty (in the world and within ourselves), questions often arise. Perhaps instead of “who am I?” a better exploration might be “who do I want to be?” In this INSPIREDtalk, we hear from Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, who is the authority on how to crush your inner critic so that you can live your life with purpose, fulfillment, and True Success™.

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Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo INSPIREDtalk

Blue Zones: Secrets of a Long Life

Featuring Dan Buettner

The author of "The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who've Lived the Longest" and an expert at finding the path to a long and happy life, Dan Buettner presents his top takeaways in this INSPIREDtalk. Together, we learn the Blue Zone Power 9, lifestyle habits of the world's healthiest, longest-live people.

In 2023, Buettner released his hit docuseries on Netflix, "Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones". You can learn more about it here

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Dan Buettner INSPIREDtalk

Un-Stuff Your Life

Featuring Andrew Mellen

In this INSPIREDtalk we hear from Andrew Mellen, author of "Unstuff Your Life! Kick the Clutter Habit and Completely Organize Your Life for Good" and a thought-leader in personal and professional organization strategies. He shifts perspectives away from comfortable norms and into what's truly valuable, providing his top tips to organize your life.
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Design and Ignite Your 3.0 Life Vision

Featuring Chip Conley

New York Times bestselling author Chip Conley shares tangible tools that can help you to make the leap into your next phase of life in this INSPIREDtalk. The past Head of Global Hospitality and Leadership at Airbnb and author of five books, Chip presents ways to approach and embrace these changes and deeper ways to reflect, feel gratitude, and gain fulfillment from life by re-categorizing your upcoming life transitions.

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Chip Conley INSPIREDtalk

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