Join the brightest thought-leaders across each of the 11 Dimensions of Life™ to align your goals with your best life.

Expert advice on living your best life.

A Mission Wealth INSPIREDtalk works with our roster of experts, influencers and thought-leaders within each of the 11 Dimensions of Life. These renowned specialists will share research, professional experience, tools and tips surrounding their subject. INSPIREDtalks aim to support you towards your very best life by offering access to relevant and actionable resources from renowned experts.

INSPIREDtalks are 90 minute virtual webinars that are open to the public. These events focus on providing tangible suggestions and resources for those wishing to optimize an area of their life. When you attend a live INSPIREDtalk you’ll be able to ask questions. All registrants will receive the video of the event which they can reflect back to at any time.

  • Gain valuable insights about each Dimension of Life™ from specialists and thought-leaders in that area.
  • Learn how to navigate change and uncertainty by learning ways to prepare for life’s biggest transitions.
  • Ask your questions, and get real-time advice or suggestions.
  • Invite your friends and family to share in the experience.
  • Put what you’ve learned into practice with your advisor.



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Upcoming INSPIREDtalk

At Mission Wealth, we do more than manage wealth and investments. When designing a comprehensive financial plan for our clients, we believe that ALL aspects of life should be considered in order to build an effective, meaningful and fulfilling life plan. In this INSPIREDtalk, you will learn how health is wealth with renowned surgeon, published author, and Founder and CEO of Next Health, Dr. Darshan Shah.

About Dr. Darshan Shah:

Dr. Darshan Shah is a renowned surgeon, published author, tech entrepreneur, wellness specialist, and Founder and CEO of Next Health. As a graduate of Mayo Clinic, Harvard Business School, and Singularity University, he has performed more than 10,000 surgeries and is utilizing his 15 years of experience to help advise patients on how to optimize their health and prolong their lifespan, culminating in the creation of Next Health.

Event Details:

This virtual webinar will be hosted on November 3, 2022 at 9:00am PT. This free event is open for all to attend, but registration is required. When you register you will be sent your personal meeting access details - these are unique to you and cannot be shared.

  • "I'm very inspired by the suggestions surrounding diet and exercise,
    but mostly I loved the idea of finding purpose in
    your daily life with family and friends."

  • "Dynamic speaker, practical tips, open,
    honest, pragmatic, and sincere"

  •  "Wonderful stories and some really simple,
    valuable nuggets and reminders."

  • "The INSPIREDtalk was based on extensive research that's
    paired with inspiring personal stories and examples."

  • "It was great getting some positive news and
    gaining information that I can personally use."

  • "Absolutely relevant to all of our lives. I can't wait to
    send the video to my daughters."

  • "Extremely interesting. Speaker was very engaging.
    Fascinating topic."


Watch our past INSPIREDtalk events and webinars

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INSPIREDtalk with Eduardo Briceño

Eduardo Briceño explores what and why a growth mindset is important and how to shift our current way of thinking to a growth mindset. Eduardo Briceño's INSPIREDtalk was hosted on July 7, 2022.


Dr. Daniel Crosby INSPIREDtalk 2022 Mission Wealth

Dr. Crosby explores behavioral finance and shares how it can affect your investments and spending across areas of your life; from sociological, to neurological and physiological. Dr. Daniel Crosby's INSPIREDtalk was hosted on January 20, 2022.


Dan Buettner (Blue Zones)

Dan Buettner is finding the path to a long life by studying the world’s “Blue Zones”, communities whose elders live with vim and vigor to record-setting age.  Dan Buettner's INSPIREDtalk was hosted on April 7, 2021.


Andrew Mellen (professional organizer)

Learn from Andrew Mellen and discover how to re-energize your life by purging the nonessentials and refocusing on what really matters. Andrew Mellen's INSPIREDtalk was hosted on January 27, 2021.