Blackstone Real Estate Webinar Insights

by Kieran Osborne
February 23, 2024
Insights From Our Blackstone Real Estate Webinar

Kieran Osborne, the Chief Investment Officer at Mission Wealth was recently joined by Avner Husen, the Managing Director within Blackstone’s Real Estate Group in New York to discuss all things real estate.

Avner has a wealth of experience within the real estate asset class, and is involved in the strategy and management of the firm’s flagship Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust (BREIT).

Watch the Full Webinar Below

About Blackstone’s Real Estate Group

As many of our investors know, Blackstone is a key partner of Mission Wealth and BREIT  is a cornerstone of many of our client’s direct real estate allocations.

Blackstone is the largest real estate asset manager in the world; the only two entities that own more real estate globally are the U.S. government and the Catholic church. That scale and scope brings unique insights and perspectives. Avner and his team have access to the most in-depth real estate data and often see market trends well in advance. 

Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Real Estate? 

We’re currently in a dynamic market environment, with the investment implications of Fed policy, interest rates, and economic growth front and center of many investors’ minds. With this backdrop, is now a good time to be invested in real estate?

We have a high conviction in the real estate asset class, particularly when partnering with high caliber management teams overseeing quality real estate assets. We believe our real estate allocations will generate an attractive total return and yield moving forward. To hear Avner and Kieran discuss the key drivers of real estate returns in the years ahead, please watch our full webinar

If you have questions regarding your investment portfolio, or whether real estate assets may be suitable for you in achieving your long-term financial goals, please reach out to our wealth advisors today for a complimentary consultation. 

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