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How to Have More Fun and Meaning in Retirement

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The only thing better than sleeping in is jumping out of bed early because you’re energized and excited for the day ahead. This is the kind of active and fulfilling retirement that we love to help our clients prepare for. Here are some ideas for creating a new retirement schedule that will keep you growing, learning, experiencing new things, and making meaningful connections with your community.

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Master the “Art” of Retirement

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  Relaxing and sinking your toes in the sand on the beach. Your favorite spot on the sofa in the family room. No more alarm clocks because you want to wake up when you feel like it. No urgent emails to respond to. Doing what you want when you want. Planning nothing if that’s how you feel that day. This …

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The Great Shift for CEOs — From Struggle to Awakening

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  By Seth Streeter, MS, CFP® CEO and Founder of Mission Wealth As a leader, in both business and community circles, I’ve enjoyed getting to know other leaders on an intimate level. I find it fascinating to get inside a leader’s head, to see what fuels them, scares them and awakens them to live a life of risk, exposure and …