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Mission Wealth Wisdom Share

At a Mission Wealth Inspired Living™ Wisdom Share virtual event, our financial advisors collaborated with small client groups to crowd-source different definitions of wealth, and ways to curate a fulfilling wealth mindset. Read our top takeaways below.


Recently, Mission Wealth hosted it's second virtual Wisdom Share this year for private clients, family and friends as a part of our Inspired Living™ programs. During the session our client advisors collaborated with small groups to crowd-source some of the most effective strategies, tools and tips for gaining enhanced fulfillment, and boosting abundance in each of the 11 Dimensions of Life™. Here is a compiled list of takeaways from both Wisdom Share events.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your Definition of

“What is a Money Mindset?”
A Money mindset is your individual and unique set of core beliefs about money, and how money affects and operates in our world and society. In short, your money mindset represents your deeper-set, underlying attitudes and values surrounding money. This helps you to define what it means to be wealthy to you


What is ‘Wealth’ and how do I define it?”
Your definition of wealth will be unique to you. Defining what wealth means to you is a crucial part of our life-oriented financial planning process at Mission Wealth. This is because the elements of life that bring the most joy and fulfillment to someone will depend many factors, such as approaching life transitions, beliefs and values, past experiences, and future aspirations and goals. 

To learn about the different definitions of wealth:
Watch Seth Streeter's TEDtalk

“Do I have the right mindset to get rich?”
There is no right or wrong mindset to have and the top takeaways from the Wisdom Share illustrate that. Your balanced path to wealth across all of the 11 Dimensions of Life™ will ebb and flow in the same was as your life does. This means finding the ‘right mindset’ is an on-going project that changes as your priorities evolve. 

"How can I acquire a “millionaire” mindset?”
You can’t ‘acquire’ a millionaire mindset per-say but you can learn about how other people approach life and what it means to be truly wealthy. Use the tips and top takeaways below from our Client Wisdom Share event to get started. Keep what works, ignore what doesn’t, and contact us with any questions.


Top Crowd-Sourced Takeaways
Curating a Wealth Mindset

During our recent Wisdom Share events, we meet in groups to define top ways to boost your wealth and abundance within each of the 11 Dimensions of Life™. See below for a compiled summary of tips we crowd-sourced for each dimension, from both Wisdom Shares.

During these sessions, participants felt they had the greatest abundance in the career, family, and intellectual dimensions. Participants most wanted to improve their impact, social, physical and fun dimensions.


The Physical Dimension of Life™

  • Stay active
  • Get an accountability partner to push you, challenge you, and motivate you
  • Walk more and get fresh air outside if the weather permits
  • Change up your environment you exercise in so that it stimulates you
  • Sign up for a team sport so that you are accountable and show up
  • Use technology – try using an apple watch, fitness apps, online workouts and health apps
  • Try gathering your family together and do a family fitness zoom workout
  • For a good low-intensity workout, try yoga
  • Stretch everyday
  • Get a standup desk if you work remote
  • Establish a daily routine
  • Get a pet to walk
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Explore somewhere new near you
  • Try team challenges to compete against others


The Environmental Dimension of Life™



  • De-clutter your space around you
  • Get out in nature - you can find a gem anywhere you go
  • Keep plants in your home/office
  • Move to a new place that brings you more peace
  • Start a garden
  • Carry something personal with you wherever you travel
  • Surround yourself with beautiful pictures of destinations and places
  • Clean-up your home environment (space you live/work in)


The Social Dimension of Life™

  • Be a "yes" family
  • Use technology to connect with friends and family (social media, text, phone, FaceTime, Zoom)
  • Practice authentic communication
  • Invite friends to activities and hobbies you are passionate about
  • Invest in your neighbors
  • Call a friend at random
  • Look into what kinds of events are going on in your community
  • Get involved with your kid's clubs, boosters, or parent groups
  • Find people with common interests and participate via Zoom (book club, game night, etc.)
  • Say hello to strangers
  • Stay smart about things re-opening and staying social (not hosting a large gathering right out of the gate)


The Fun Dimension of Life™

  • Laugh and smile at daily, small things
  • Be intentional, fun is an attitude
  • Put yourself in situations to be able to have more fun - fun people, positive people, teaching moments, plan a trip
  • Bring fun into the workplace - icebreakers in Zoom meetings
  • Discover new hobbies like gardening and hiking
  • Go to beach and collect rocks
  • Hike new trails
  • Keep moving
  • Travel
  • Recognize fun as essential
  • Dance more
  • Take a cooking class online or an art class
  • Find daily joy in the small moments (making coffee or lunch)
  • Projects around the house


The Spiritual Dimension of Life™

  • Spend time in nature
  • Prayer and bible study
  • Being in or by the water
  • Practice breathing, visualizations and meditation
  • Keep it personalized and unique.
  • Have a devotional time in your routine
  • Keep spiritually connected to family and your community
  • Read daily motivations and listen to them
  • Focus on the 99% you have in common with others, not the 1% you don’t
  • Have a common belief
  • Practice gratitude
  • We may not have the same faith, but have faith in something
  • Be true to yourself and your values
  • Look at things from different perspectives
  • Having faith that things are working together for your benefit
  • Find the common uniting principles with others – be kind, help others, etc.


The Intellectual Dimension of Life™

  • Get involved in subjects outside of your preferred domain and do things to broaden your knowledge like classes
  • Learn something new every day
  • Dedicate time to read (use audio books, news, digital media)
  • Visit YouTube, take a master class (TEDtalks)
  • Learn a new language
  • Actively stay curious “Follow through the breadcrumbs of curiosity”
  • Invite someone to coffee to learn more about their experiences or intel
  • Daily things to expand intellectual curiosity (books, podcasts, etc.)


The Career Dimension of Life™

  • Know your worth
  • Set goals and be vocal about your goals
  • Lift others as you climb
  • Find a mentor or be a mentor
  • Re-position career passion into retirement passion (i.e. teacher example)
  • Fill a void in retirement
  • Ensure you are doing something where you can share a gift
  • Concentrate on area where you can find solutions
  • Be flexible, embrace it
  • “Put the best of you in all you do, and results will take care of themselves”
  • Network – join forums of other like-minded individuals
  • Find a place where your passions, values, and strengths meet a need in the world
  • Read the “how I built this” podcast
  • Make sure you have social interaction
  • Do something where you have a natural strength; help find solutions


The Impact Dimension of Life™

  • Get involved in passions you care about
  • Start local and begin to make a difference there
  • Use your skillset to make a difference
  • Simply share a smile with a stranger or talk/listen
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Climate change is a big concern for those in this group. It is our personal responsibility to help here
  • Look for opportunities to have connections with people who share different viewpoints
  • Start small
  • Communicate with elected leaders
  • Utilize talents and passions
  • Make energy upgrades at home
  • Reach out to youth- younger gen to see what you can do
  • Reduce feelings of tribalism in the current state of the world
  • Get other people’s perspectives to help grow


The Family Dimension of Life™

  • Practice intentional communication and spend quality time with family
  • Put the phone down more and be present
  • Share special moments via Zoom or Facebook Live
  • Volunteer as a family
  • Have honest conversations to reduce tension
  • Take initiative to plan family events & rotate responsibilities
  • Be open to feedback and being vulnerable
  • Talk more about emotions and feelings
  • Learn acceptance


The Emotional Dimension of Life™



  • Get 8 hours of sleep; quantity and quality are important
  • Practice meditation
  • Exercise  to relief stress
  • Maintain a positive attitude through affirmations and/or positive self-talk.
  • Avoid politics and practice self-discipline with news
  • Start a gratitude journal – what are you grateful for?
  • Use apps for journaling
  • Don’t participate in things that are triggering for you

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Mission Wealth

At Mission Wealth, we do more than manage wealth and investments. When designing a comprehensive financial plan for our clients, we believe that ALL aspects of life should be considered in order to build an effective, meaningful and fulfilling life plan. Learn more about our Inspired Living™ services and programs, or reach out to our experienced team.

*Last updated on 6/30/21.

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