Reimagine your New Year 2022

Reimagine Your New Year in 2022

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Reimagine Your New Year in 2022
Recently, Mission Wealth hosted its fourth virtual Wisdom Share for clients, family, and friends as a part of our Inspired Living™ program. During the event, our client advisors collaborated with small groups to crowd-source some of the most effective strategies, tools, and tips for gaining enhanced fulfillment in the new year, and boosting abundance in each of the 11 Dimensions of Life™. Read our top takeaways below.
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Fun Dimension of Life™

How much daily joy and play are you experiencing in your life?

  • Be more childlike – watch what kids do, they play and laugh. If you are walking by a park, stop and swing! You’re never too old to play like a child.
  • Host a family dinner or game night once a month. Each member gets to host, rotating once a month.
  • Surprise a friend you haven’t seen in a while (bonus points if you bring food and drinks).
  • Go on a hike with a friend.
  • Buy tickets to your favorite band or artist's concert.
  • Be curious! Maybe take a ceramics class, learn guitar, or try something new.
  • Reconnect with an old friend (memories and laughter are sure to follow).
  • Watch comedy movies, something that can distract you from your 9-5 and get you to laugh.
  • Host a party with friends and family.
  • Plan a vacation – somewhere you can get excited about!
  • Walk in the grass barefoot (again, be more childlike).

Environmental Dimension of Life™

Do you feel a sense of place and alignment where you live?

  • Be thankful for the environment you’re in and free to move on to the next. Oftentimes we are from one environment, raise kids in another, retire in another, etc. but take the moment to be thankful and open.
  • Explore the outdoors – it is critical to have some connection to nature.
  • Bring nature indoors. Whether that is bringing plants to your office, opening your windows, or filling your home with photos and memorabilia of past travels.
  • Paint your home with soft and natural colors to bring you energy.
  • Think of the environment as ever-changing and flexible. Based on your needs and whatever life stage you are in, we have choice in environment.
  • Declutter your home and office. Many times we get busy and piles of papers or laundry can accumulate – take the time to keep your environment clean.
  • Pick up trash in your community or at a local park.

Intellectual Dimension of Life™

Do you feel intellectually stimulated and growing? Are you expanding your perspective?

  • Prioritize rest to fully be ready to process new information.
  • Circle back to the hobbies and activities that you love and you haven’t had time for.
  • Explore nonfiction books and podcasts.
  • Find a career path that stimulates you every day.
  • Join a book club with friends and family.
  • Dive into your friends’ diverse backgrounds – each person has a unique life story for you to learn from.
  • Join social media groups that match your interests and engage in conversation. This crosses various dimensions, including intellectual, social, and fun!
  • Watch a TEDtalk, like this TEDtalk with Seth Streeter.
  • Connect and mentor younger generations with past experiences, good and bad.

Career Dimension of Life™

If you are working, are your values and passions aligned with your career? Are your talents appreciated?

  • Educate yourself and explore different industries before deciding on your next career move.
  • Identify and lead into aspects that you love in your career. Whether you love working with people, solving problems, or making an impact, start to make that a focus of your job.
  • Mentor the younger generation – what advice would you give your younger self just out of college?
  • Set boundaries with your career. Know when to put your work phone down, when to say no in the workplace, and when to shut the office door.
  • Show interest and excitement in your spouse’s or children’s careers and milestones.
  • Pursue your passions! “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

Impact Dimension of Life™

What is the degree of difference you are making in the community or the world at large?

  • Compliment or share a smile with a stranger.
  • Utilize the holidays for giving back in your community (food banks, donations, etc.)
  • Deliver groceries and medicine for the elderly and at-risk communities of COVID.
  • Start a conversation with the elderly in your community. This is not only a great way to have impact, but you can learn so much and create friendships (crossing the dimensions of intellectual, impact, fun, social).
  • Shop local. Through the past few years, small businesses have suffered with a decrease in customers and online orders.
  • Continue your impact after retirement. Maybe begin substitute teaching or mentoring after you retire.
  • Begin a pay-it-forward drive-through chain next time you’re picking up your coffee.
  • Explore your local nonprofits; they are always in need of help and oftentimes your passions and skillset can be utilized.
  • Align your values with your investments.

Family Dimension of Life™

How satisfied are you with the depth of your connection and quality time spent with those closest to you?

  • Build your relationship with your parents. These relationships are dynamic and change over time from the standard parent-child relationship to more of a friendship.
  • Learn more from your children. Each child has unique and individual personalities, communication, and love languages.
  • Treat others (in this case, family members) the way you want to be treated.
  • Celebrate each child with a special day each month. Together, go and do whatever activity they are interested in.
  • Host a family game night.
  • Have a Zoom call with the extended family. Due to the issues of the past few years, virtual is often safer for many family members and easier for family that isn’t local.
  • Close your at-home office and shut off your work phone after hours.
  • Share a recipe for family members to all try at the same time and share how it turned out with varying degrees of success.

Emotional Dimension of Life™

How is your stress level, the quality of your sleep and your attitude?

  • Manage the amount and quality of sleep you get each night.
  • Meditate to help manage stress and create calmness.
  • Avoid watching or listening to the news before going to sleep.
  • Put down your phone and computer.
  • Set up a plan or schedule for what is causing you stress (i.e. discuss your retirement plan with your Mission Wealth advisor).
  • Spend time in nature to de-stress.
  • Make time to do something active/physical every day.
  • Take control of your physical health.
  • Be flexible and adaptable in your plans - not everything goes to plan.

Physical Dimension of Life™

Are you pleased with how your body looks, feels and functions?

  • Maintain your routine doctor appointments - be proactive in your health.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Park farther away in parking lots to get in extra steps.
  • Find an activity you love and do it (walking, cycling, lifting weights, dance, etc.)
  • Start a fitness class or subscription, which often times can create fun and friendships.
  • Give yourself a morning and evening commute when working from home by taking a walk around the neighborhood.
  • Explore different areas around you for your next walk or run. It can be intellectually stimulating to see different sites, nature, architecture, people.
  • Start a walking meeting – your Zoom calls don’t always have to be sitting down, get out and connect with your coworkers or clients outdoors.
    Get out with your dog or children for walks or to the park.

Social Dimension of Life™

How would you rank the caliber of your relationships with friends and in the community?

  • Maintain and be proactive with communication with friends and family.
  • Get involved in your community, whether through volunteering, networking events, neighborhood walks, clean-ups, etc.
  • Volunteer with your friends at your local nonprofit.
  • Start a breakfast club with your friends – every first Thursday of the month, invite all your friends to a breakfast before work.
  • Share a speaker or author with your friend (bonus points if you share an INSPIREDtalk).
  • Take a day trip with your friends.
  • Celebrate your friends’ accomplishments. Did a friend reach a milestone or having a birthday? Celebrate them with a night out or surprise dinner.
  • Be open to new friendships, you never know where you’ll gain new relationships.

Spiritual Dimension of Life™

Do you have a connection to a grounding framework beyond yourself?

  • Take time out of your busy day for a moment of silence to meditate, breathe, or pray.
  • Explore nature and get outside.
  • Enjoy the smaller moments. Oftentimes, we are rushing from point A to point B and not savoring the moments in between.
  • Adopt a pet. Multiple studies have found that dogs and cats help alleviate stress and anxiety; even just petting a dog lowers blood pressure, heart rate, slows breathing, and relaxes muscle tension (crossing over to the physical dimension).
  • Take a purposeful walk to reflect on your thoughts and day.

How Mission Wealth Can Help

At Mission Wealth, we do more than manage wealth and investments. When designing a comprehensive financial plan for our clients, we believe that ALL aspects of life should be considered in order to build an effective, meaningful and fulfilling life plan. Learn more about our Inspired Living™ services and programs, or reach out to our experienced team.

An advisor can guide you through the different retirement events you may be facing, such as downshifting in work life, phasing into retirement, full retirement, changing residence, receiving social security income, eligibility for Medicare, and receiving retirement plan distributions. Gain peace of mind that you are prepared and supported, so you can focus on what's important to you during retirement. At Mission Wealth, our fiduciary advisors offer insight and prioritization of your personal goals and aspirations. Explore the Mission Wealth Retirement Guide here


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