Looking Back at a Fun Summer

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Here at Mission Wealth, we really love fall (which starts tomorrow). In celebration of the new season and to reminisce about the past, we want to share some of our summer highlights with you. This summer, we traveled with family and friends, had some great adventures, and one of us even got married! Take a look below:
Eastern Sierras
Dannell Stuart took a family trip to the Eastern Sierra.
Whistler BC
Steve Caltagirone and his two sons headed to Whistler, B.C., over the summer where they canoed, zip lined, and biked.

abalone diving
Long Tran attended multiple weddings, whitewater-rafted on the Middle Fork of the American River and went abalone diving off the north Sonoma coast.

Vahine Island
Amanda Thomas, along with her husband, traveled to the small private island of Vahine, off the coast of the island of Tahaa, in celebration of the end of their 18-month-long home remodel.
Cabo San Lucas
Julianna Rote visited Cabo where she went ATV riding.
Maine Trip
Matthew Adams and his family took their yearly trip to Maine.
Brian Sottak got married! Congratulations!
New Orleans
Carla Ramos and her family traveled to New Orleans for the first time. Additionally, they took a trip to Florida where they visited the Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Disney Hollywood Studios.
Greek Islands
Jenna Rogers and her husband traveled through the islands of Greece for their five-year wedding anniversary.
Renee Hennessee and her family visited Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.
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