Mission Wealth Honored as a 2024 Best Place to Work by Women’s Choice Awards

by Dannell Stuart
February 15, 2024
2024 Best Place to Work for Women and Millennials from Women’s Choice Awards
Women on a Mission

Mission Wealth’s Women on a Mission group at the 2023 firm retreat in Santa Barbara, CA.

Mission Wealth is immensely thrilled to receive the 2024 Women’s Choice Award for Best Place to Work for Women and Millennials. This award is a testament to our ongoing commitment to creating an empowering and inclusive workplace.

Celebrating Continued Excellence

Receiving this award in 2022 was an honor but being named again in 2024 underscores our firm’s continuous efforts. We believe in evolving and adapting, ensuring our workplace remains a space where ideas flourish, voices are heard, and career paths are tailored to individual strengths and aspirations.

“At Mission Wealth, we are deeply honored to be recognized as a Best Place to Work for Women and Millennials by the Women’s Choice Awards. We feel fortunate to be able to empower not only our team but also our clients to realize true wealth. We take immense pride in fostering a supportive environment where every team member, regardless of gender or generation, can not only succeed, but also reach their fullest potential. This award symbolizes our unwavering dedication to excellence and to being an inclusive and diverse workplace.” said Dannell Stuart, Mission Wealth President and Partner.

Out of 110 Mission Wealth employees, 44% of the firm is represented by women and 51% are millennials. As a 100% employee-owned firm, 47% of the partners are female and 58% of the firm’s executive leadership committee are currently represented by women.

What Sets Mission Wealth Apart

Partners and Senior Wealth Advisors, Julianna Rote and Jenna Rogers volunteering at a local food shelter.

At Mission Wealth, it’s not just about financial advisories and wealth management. It’s about people – our award-winning team. We ensure that each member feels valued, heard, and has the resources they need to excel, both professionally and personally. Our emphasis on work-life balance, professional development, and creating a supportive culture distinguishes us as a preferred employer.

“Our core values of commitment, adaptability, growth-mindedness, and caring serve as the guiding principles of our company culture,” continues Stuart. “These values form the bedrock of who we are and how we operate.  We are committed to our culture-first, client-centric, and innovative approach.”

We believe in not just talking the talk, but walking the walk when it comes to these values.

Our Women on a Mission group is a network of our caring female team members who offer the financial advice and guidance women deserve. We believe that everyone can benefit greatly from working with a dedicated financial professional who can help them understand their options and implement plans designed to provide women and their families with financially secure futures. The goal is to support a future full of strong, independent individuals, based on education, positivity, and empowerment.

Our goal is to keep pushing boundaries, to keep innovating our workplace practices, and to continue being a leader in empowering women and millennials in the finance sector.

Join Our Award-Winning Team

Are you ready to be part of an environment that champions your growth and values your contribution? Discover your path with us at Mission Wealth, where your career is more than a job – it’s a journey towards personal and professional fulfillment. Please visit our careers page for open positions across the country.


About The Women’s Choice Awards

Finding the best company to work for can be challenging and crucial for success. Since 2010, The Women’s Choice Award reviews companies to find that “perfect” culture that is well matched for your personality and lifestyle. Our picks for Best Companies are categorized into 3 main groups: Best Companies for Women; Best Companies for Inclusion and Best Companies for Millennials. Data is compiled from a variety of publicly available sources and each measure is weighted accordingly for each category. Only companies with the highest scores have earned the Women’s Choice Award. Please click here to view the full methodology.

About Best Companies for Women

Best Companies for Women can be defined as companies that meet the general needs and preferences of all working women regardless of race, age and family status. Our comprehensive analysis compares how companies rank in terms of women representation in the industry, work-life balance, professional development opportunities and company benefits (vacation, maternity support, wellness, perks).

About Best Companies for Millennials

Best Companies for Millennials can be defined as companies that help millennial women grow professionally and advance their career while also catering to their lifestyle. Key areas of interest include vacation, flexible schedules, telecommuting, professional development opportunities, wellness benefits, and overall company perks.

Feel empowered with the confidence and resources you need to take control of your financial well-being.

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Advice for Women Investors at Mission Wealth

Mission Wealth was founded on a vision to empower families to pursue their financial dreams. That vision has grown into a mission to inspire people, optimize their finances, and achieve their life goals. With more women in a position to grow their wealth and take financial control of their own futures, in many cases for the first time, Mission Wealth has created Women on a Mission, a group of female wealth and financial advisors and strategists who share a passion to help other women achieve their financial goals.

Founded in 2000, Mission Wealth is a nationally recognized RIA that oversees more than $5.3 billion in client assets under management. Mission Wealth is known for its service model, driven by a world-class technology stack that offers financial planning, investment counsel, tax services, estate planning and philanthropic strategies, and asset protection solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

If you are looking for more information about Mission Wealth’s financial planning or wealth management services, please visit missionwealth.com.

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