Sustainability Symposium

Seth Streeter Joins The Sustainability Symposium

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Sustainability Symposium

On September 25th, 2020, Seth Streeter moderated the virtual Sustainability Symposium, whereby local and industry leaders discussed the future of sustainable business, and highlighted ways that we can all make an impact. Read the article, or watch the video here.

The Sustainability Symposium bought together speakers from a wide range of industries - from agriculture and farming, to construction and energy innovation - that each expressed their biggest challenges and best solutions, as they work both independently and collaboratively to address their environmental footprint. The speakers suggested tools and resources that can help to educate the public about ways that they can support the cause.

The featured speakers included Darin Olien (Superfood Guru and Co-star of Netflix’s “Down to Earth”), Anders Bergstrom (General Manager at TEVA consumer products), Romi Kadri (Managing Partner at Capella Partners Energy Innovators), Jo Fleming (Executive Director at California Green Business Network for Small Businesses), Lindsay Helmick (CFO at Allen Construction), Tristan Strauss (President of Carp Growers Agriculture), Graham Farrar (Chief Cannabis Officer, Class House Group Cannabis Retail and Consumer Goods) and Seth Streeter (CEO of Mission Wealth and Sustainable Future).

Click here to watch the full presentation, or watch the video below.

Join the Sustainable Future 30-day Challenge.

Seth Streeter's non-profit Sustainable Future has generated a 30 day challenge that anyone can join. In this challenge you will see sustainable actions that these sustainability leaders have recommended, and the first place winner will win a prize! You will need to sign up for an account to partake in this challenge.

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