How To Become Rich While Feeling Abundant & Happy

by Seth Streeter
June 6, 2024
Toxic Free with KB Podcast Interview

In the latest episode of Toxic Free with KB, The Money Expert: How To Become Rich While Feeling Abundant & Happy”, our co-founder and chief impact officer, Seth Streeter, explores the profound connection between money, happiness, and self-worth. If you’ve ever wondered whether wealth genuinely equates to happiness, this episode is a must-listen.



Unveiling the Truth Behind Wealth and Happiness

Seth Streeter, a seasoned wealth manager, explores the intricate dynamics between financial prosperity and personal fulfillment. Throughout the podcast, Seth and KB dissect whether wealth contributes to happiness, drawing on significant studies and personal anecdotes that reveal the often-overlooked pitfalls of wealth obsession.

At the heart of Seth’s philosophy is a holistic approach to wealth, one that prioritizes personal values, purpose, and a balanced financial mindset. He advocates for aligning financial plans with greater life values, goals, and aspirations, a principle that forms the foundation of our Inspired Living™ services at Mission Wealth.

Practical Tips for Financial Well-Being

Listeners of the podcast will walk away with practical tips for fostering financial health. Seth emphasizes the importance of internal validation, self-care, and gratitude in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life. These steps are crucial in nurturing financial well-being and establishing positive financial habits.

The 12 Dimensions of Wealth

At Mission Wealth, we believe in the 12 Dimensions of Wealth, a comprehensive framework that helps clients align their financial plans with their best lives. Through our Inspired Living™ services, clients gain access to thought leaders, specialized research, and actionable advice. These exclusive events open up a world of opportunities to align each dimension of wealth with personal values and aspirations.

12 Dimensions of Wealth

Experience Inspired Living™ with Mission Wealth

Seth Streeter’s insightful discussion on “Toxic Free with KB” is a powerful reminder that true wealth extends beyond money. It encompasses personal fulfillment, purpose, and a balanced approach to life. At Mission Wealth, we’re here to guide you on this journey, ensuring your financial plans reflect your deepest values and aspirations. Reach out today to see what Inspired Living™ truly entails and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and balanced financial future.

About Toxic Free with KB Podcast

Host “KB,” a Toxic Free Lifestyle Advisor, takes you on a transformative journey to enhance your health, well-being, and lifestyle. Join KB in engaging conversations with experts as they guide you towards a toxic-free life. Discover valuable insights on achieving a healthy body, a clear mind, a nourished soul, and fulfilling relationships. Get ready to be inspired and empowered to make positive changes in your life. It’s time to live your best, toxic-free life with KB!

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