Recognizing the Spirit of Entrepreneurship in Women

In Wealth Management by Mission Wealth


Mission Wealth was proud to sponsor the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards this past Friday, May 5 at the Coral Casino in Santa Barbara, CA. Dannell Stuart attended along with Kelly Marsh and Sara Caputo (pictured). With Lynda Weinman as Mistress of Ceremonies, and Pamela Webber of Santa Barbara Hotel Group as the recipient of the 2017 Rock Star: Life Achievement Award,  it was a memorable evening for the nearly sold-out crowd in attendance.

Awards were presented to female entrepreneurs in 11 categories as well as to high school and college students for the Santa Barbara City College Scheinfeld Center’s New Venture Challenge. Finally, a $10,000 grand prize was awarded to Jeanne David with Outer Aisle Gourmet for her outstanding work as a female entrepreneur!

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship™ Foundation’s Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards™ are designed to recognize the contributions of outstanding women entrepreneurs in Santa Barbara & Ventura Counties to the economy as well as to support future economic growth through the recognition, financial support, and education of student entrepreneurs. The SOE Foundation honors women entrepreneurs in a very real way for the benefit of student entrepreneurs. For more information, visit the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation webpage.

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