Couple drinking coffee Does your quarantine health level up? Mission Wealth

Does Your Quarantine Health Level Up?

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Couple drinking coffee Does your quarantine health level up? Mission Wealth

Let's make quarantine health our goal. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has made all of us consider the wider impact of a health crisis, but it also presents challenges when it comes to our own personal health, which can get left by the wayside. See how you’re holding up during quarantine, and make sure you’re still making YOU a priority.


Hopefully you’re becoming a little more comfortable with the health care basics that are helping to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). According to our public health officials, maintaining a safe distance from other folks, wearing a cloth face covering to the grocery store, and washing your hands are still the most effective steps we can all take to “flatten the curve” and protect our most vulnerable family, friends, and neighbors.

But the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is also a personal health care challenge. Gyms are closed. Access to parks is restricted. Recreational sports leagues and clubs are shut down. And with so many of us working from home, even our most basic levels of daily movement and social interaction are below where they should be. Staying home is best for our society’s health right now.

We've put together some quarantine health tips that might be easy to forget about during a pandemic.

How many items can you check off below? Can you challenge yourself to level-up your health during quarantine?


1. Are you keeping a routine, or do you now live in pajamas?

The first step to solving your pajama problem is admitting that you have one.

If the comforts of home are a little too comfortable, your productivity and your wellbeing are going to suffer. A quarantine routine will help you maintain a sense of purpose and get things done.

When it’s time to work, take a shower and make yourself presentable. If you don’t work from home regularly, carve out a corner that’s just for you and your laptop. You’ll feel more motivated to treat your workday like a workday and you won’t be scrambling for a comb and wrinkled dress shirt if the boss calls an emergency Zoom conference. This approach could also help organize the day if you’re a non-working spouse who’s been called into teaching duty.


2. Are you eating right, or is snacking your new best friend?

One benefit ofSnacking during quarantine being at home is that you might be able to enjoy three daily meals with your family. Leave your work in your work corner when it’s time to eat. And between meals, treat the kitchen like a closed cafeteria to limit excess snacking.


3. Are you unplugging when you’re done, or are you gradually fusing with your computer chair?

Unplug when it’s time to unplug. Play with your kids. Read. Watch a movie with your spouse. And stick to your regular sleeping schedule. You might not have to commute for a while, but you do have to be in your work corner tomorrow morning, energized to tackle the day’s tasks.


4. Are you giving your body some activity-based TLC, or does your sofa keep making eye-contact?

In most communities, joggers, bikers, and walkers can still get outside for their regular workouts. But the same social distancing rules that apply to your weekly grocery run also apply to your daily run. Keep a six-foot bubble around yourself. If your regular route looks crowded, choose a less beaten path. Wear a cloth face covering. Avoid resting on benches or fences or drinking from public fountains.

Gym rats might be missing the professional equipment and instruction they’re used to. But there’s also a wide variety of online classes and workout routines to explore that can get you as close as possible to your normal training session. Why not try a free at-home class that’s outside your comfort zone?

Perhaps most importantly, don’t let yourself settle into the couch or your work nook all day every day. During quarantine, you’re not walking to and from colleagues’ offices or down the block for your lunch break. All those missed steps are going to add up. If need be, set an hourly timer on your phone. Do a set of push-ups, jumping jacks, or sit-ups. Walk around the yard. Jog in place. Getting your heart pumping is good for your health and also good for maintaining concentration once you’re back to work.


5. Are you embracing the video chat world, or are you being a lone-wolf?

Social distancing andStay social during Quarantine our shared anxieties around the pandemic have given many of us a new appreciation for the people in our lives. Weekly video chats with friends and family are keeping us close to our loved ones. Virtual game nights and streaming video parties are keeping us entertained together. Creative professionals, coaches, and teachers are broadening our minds. Online ordering and contactless delivery are allowing us to support the restaurants and small businesses at the heart of our communities.

Making quarantine personal health a priority is possibly one of the best decisions that you can make right now. The bonds that are sustaining us all virtually are only going to be stronger once we’re able to spend real face time together again. We hope that we can be part of your support system if you have any questions or concerns about how the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting your finances.

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