Mission Wealth Welcomes Five New Partners in 2024

by Matthew Adams
January 4, 2024
Mission Wealth Welcomes New 2024 Partners

Mission Wealth is delighted to announce five named Partners of the firm for 2024, effective January 1. Brandon Baiamonte, Nicole Madosik, Jessica Mora, Emil Nazaretyan, and Jessica Neves have left an indelible mark on the firm through their remarkable contributions to client and employee retention, innovative merger and investment opportunities, and driving overall firm growth.

The recent promotions in various roles represent Mission Wealth’s commitment to developing future financial leaders and confidence in our career pathways as we strengthen our position in key growth markets. The newly appointed Partners bring the total number of the partnership at Mission Wealth to 36 professionals. Their collective expertise and dedication solidify our firm’s position as a leader in wealth management and advisory services.

“We are thrilled to welcome Brandon, Nicole, Jessica, Emil, and Jessica to our partner group,” said Mission Wealth President Dannell Stuart. “During their respective tenures at the firm, they have each demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to outstanding professionalism. Their commitment, adaptability, caring attitude, and growth-mindset have benefitted the firm in immeasurable ways. We are so thankful to have Mission Wealth be their forever home.”

Meet the 2024 Partners

For a deeper insight into the pivotal roles of these newly appointed Partners, and to discover how they further enhance Mission Wealth’s services and client experience, please click on their names below.

Brandon Baiamonte Brandon Baiamonte, Director of Tax strategy (2)

Partner and Director of Tax Strategy

As the Director of Tax Strategy at Mission Wealth, Brandon Baiamonte leads the tax department in developing and implementing effective tax solutions for clients across the country. His extensive experience and knowledge in tax planning helps clients achieve their financial goals. Brandon researches tax strategies and collaborates with wealth advisors on implementation. With his dedication and expertise, Brandon helps clients optimize their financial plans through tax-efficient solutions.


Nicole Madosik Nicole Madosik, Director of Mergers and Integrations Mission Wealth

Partner and Director of Mergers & Integrations

As the Director of Mergers and Integrations at Mission Wealth, Nicole Madosik is committed to delivering an excellent experience and fulfilling the promises for firms and advisors who join Mission Wealth by way of merger. Nicole expertly guides merger partners through the process of discovery, collaboration, decision making, and integration. Her passion for providing exceptional service and support is rooted in the knowledge that she’s helping top-tier advisors and their teams gain confidence in making one of the most significant decisions of their professional lives.


Jessica Mora Jessica Mora Senior Wealth Advisor

Partner and Senior Wealth Advisor

Jessica Mora, Senior Wealth Advisor at Mission Wealth, is committed to delivering tailored financial planning, asset protection, and tax planning solutions to individuals and businesses between New York City and Los Angeles, California. She takes pride in providing a personalized approach to wealth management, taking the time to understand her clients’ unique financial situations and goals. With her extensive expertise in navigating the complexities of the financial world, Jessica offers customized solutions that meet the needs of her clients.


Emil Nazaretyan Emil Nazaretyan Mission Wealth

Partner and Director of Investments

As the Director of Investments at Mission Wealth, Emil Nazaretyan oversees key aspects of the firm’s investment operations, including trading, investment research, and portfolio performance analysis. With a deep understanding of the financial markets, Emil brings a wealth of expertise to his role, helping to guide the firm’s investment decisions and strategies. His dedication to delivering exceptional results and providing top-notch service to clients has earned him a reputation as a skilled and reliable investment professional.


Jessica Neves Jessica Neves Director of HR Mission Wealth

Partner and Director of Human Resources

As the Director of Human Resources at Mission Wealth, Jessica Neves is responsible for leading the People functions of the firm, which include HR Strategy, Benefits, Compensation, Performance Management, Compliance, Recruiting, and Onboarding. Her team is dedicated to developing and implementing policies that align with the company’s mission while ensuring compliance and promoting a positive workplace culture.


Mission Wealth Continues as 100% Employee-Owned

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our newly appointed partners. These promotions are incredibly well deserved. Thanks to the generosity of our cofounders Seth Streeter and Brad Stark, Mission Wealth remains uniquely committed to remaining 100% employee-owned and to being a firm of permanence.” Matthew Adams, CEO of Mission Wealth.

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