Byron Valles

Byron Valles

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Byron Valles, Senior Wealth Advisor Associate

Byron Valles


Senior Wealth Advisor Associate

San Francisco



"Money touches every aspect of our lives in one way or another. I'm deeply committed to understanding people's stories and financial situations in order to create plans that will help them reach their goals and dreams."

Byron Valles is as a Senior Wealth Advisor Associate at Mission Wealth serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Byron collaborates closely with his team to provide comprehensive financial planning and investment management services to clients. Byron uses his extensive financial knowledge and expertise to analyze client's current financial situation, create customized financial plans, wealth management reviews, and detailed year-end reporting.

Learn About Byron Valles

Professional Background

Byron's journey to Wealth Management has been shaped by determination, resilience, and a commitment to service. He brings a unique perspective and an unwavering dedication to helping others pursue their financial goals.

Byron began his financial services career in 2017 at First Republic Private Wealth Management. He has served families while working for big financial institutions such as Fidelity but also recently as an independent Financial Advisor. These experiences have given him insight into the best way to provide comprehensive, objective financial advice to clients.

Byron is committed to furthering his expertise so he can better serve families in their financial journey. He pursued a master’s degree in personal financial planning and later earned his CFP® certification. Before entering the world of finance, Byron served honorably in the U.S. Navy. That experience instilled a deep sense of discipline, integrity, and a relentless work ethic in him, qualities that are woven into the fabric of his approach to wealth management. Drawing upon his military background, he understands the value of meticulous planning, strategic execution, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, all of which are instrumental in helping people achieve their financial objectives.

Personal Pursuits

Byron lives in the San Francisco East Bay with his fiancé who is currently attending Law School and their 8-year-old bunny, Ria. In his off time, he enjoys hiking, playing competitive soccer, and volunteering. Byron's first language is Spanish and he is passionate about creating financial literacy content in his native language.

Community Impact

Byron loves volunteering his time to help fellow veterans and others in need. He is the co-founder and treasurer of San Jose State's Veteran Alumni Network (VAN), was previously on the board of First Republic's Alliance for Latinos Advancing Success (ALAS), and participates in the Financial Planning Association's pro-bono opportunities.

About Mission Wealth

Mission Wealth is a nationally recognized Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) founded in 2000 known for its service model, driven by a world-class technology stack that offers financial planning, investment counsel, tax strategies, estate planning coordination, philanthropic advice, and asset protection solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Mission Wealth’s vision is to provide caring advice that empowers families to achieve their life dreams. Our founders were pioneers in the industry when they embraced the client-first principles of objective advice, comprehensive financial planning, coordination with other professional advisors, and proactive service. Mission Wealth is a fiduciary, and our holistic planning process provides clarity and confidence.