How Clients Can Set Up Dual Factor Authentication at Schwab

by Brad Stark
May 3, 2024
Schwab Dual Factor Authentication

Financial institutions across the world are seeing an uptick in cybercrime, and Mission Wealth needs your help in protecting your personal technology devices and financial accounts. This article is intended to assist our clients with specific instructions for better protecting their investment accounts with Schwab.

Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication at Schwab

  1. Navigate to Your Profile Tab (upper right side) – Scroll to “Security Settings”
  2. Change Your Password – We recommend creating a long (15-20 characters) unique random password (i.e. something like this, but not this; 7O1^0y7gI9uusP5%RdP!).
  3. Turn On 2-Step Verification – (this is the Dual Authentication) – we recommend using the “Security Token” and “Always at Login” options.

    2 Step Verification

    1. You will need to download Symantec VIP on your phone from the App Store. Then follow the instructions on Schwab to link your phone VIP app to their systems. When you log into Schwab next time, it will ask for your Username and Password as usual but then you will be prompted to enter a passcode on the following screen. That passcode number can be found via the VIP app on your phone (click on the VIP icon on your phone for the number to enter with Schwab).

      Symantec VIP

  4. View all the Security Settings as well to see if anything else pertains.
  5. Congrats, you just made yourself a very difficult target for cyber criminals!

We’re Committed To Your Security 

Mission Wealth, along with our custodians Fidelity and Schwab, are committed to maintaining the integrity of our clients’ financial wellbeing. We understand that the digital aspect of financial security is increasingly critical. By staying informed and adopting robust cybersecurity practices, together we can navigate the complexities of the digital world, ensuring your wealth is not just managed wisely, but also protected robustly.

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As always, if you have any concerns about your financial security or need personalized advice, our team at Mission Wealth is here to help. Protecting your wealth is our top priority.

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