Emil Nazaretyan

Senior Investment Associate

Emil Nazaretyan

Senior Investment Associate

Role at Mission Wealth

Emil serves as a Senior Investment Associate at Mission Wealth. He is responsible for trading, investment research and portfolio performance analysis.

Career Highlights

Prior to starting at Mission Wealth, Emil gained trading experience as an Associate Trader at Mercer Advisors, and banking experience as a Personal Banker at Wells Fargo. He also spent time as an Accounting Associate with Conference Direct, and co-founded the startup Green Logic Asset Management. Emil has experience with RIA advice and client services both domestically (with Independent Capital Management) and internationally (with Austin Morris Associates in Shanghai, China). Emil is currently working toward his CFA designation.

Community Involvement

Emil volunteers for the International Outreach Project/UCLA American Medical Students Association. He was Project Director for the IOP Volunteer Humanitarian Aid and Education Project in Pedro Escobedo, Mexico.

Personal Pursuits

In his free time, Emil enjoys eating, traveling and practicing Bikram yoga.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Finance from UC Riverside
Spent a semester studying business and economics at Fudan University in Shanghai, China.

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