Seth Streeter TedX Redefining Wealth Mission Wealth

TEDx Making Waves Podcast: Seth Streeter on Leaping Forward Into Deferred Dreams

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Seth Streeter TedX Redefining Wealth Mission Wealth

Seth Streeter was on the TEDxSantaBarbara stage in 2016, talking about a new way to think about how we manage our money and our lives. In this conversation, Seth and Mark look at how our current climate is an opportunity to take another look at our goals.

On July 1st 2020, Seth Streeter, CEO and founder of Mission Wealth, and Mark Sylvester, host of the TEDx independent event Making Waves Conversations. They delved into the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, looked at the future of what it means to be wealthy, the growth of socially responsible investing, and how viewers can find their own Inspired Life Purpose™.

Watch the interview to learn about:

  • Finding your Inspired Life Purpose™.
  • Getting along with difficult people. 
  • Why Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is growing in popularity.
  • What the 11 Dimensions of Life™ are, and how to understand your own dimensions with our downloadable assessment. 


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