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Stress Talk: Part 3

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Stress Nora Tobin Inspired Living

In this 3rd part of their multi-part series, watch Nora Tobin and Seth Streeter dive into stress – a core part of the physical Dimension of Life™.

In the first parts of the multi-part series, Nora Tobin explained the key factors that are needed in order to optimize your fulfillment and meaning within the physical Dimension of LifeTM.

In case you missed it, over the last couple of weeks we've looked at optimizing our wellness, and optimizing our nutrition.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing videos which will continue to delve into each of these aspects of the physical dimension. Seth Streeter, CEO and Founder of Mission Wealth, discusses how these 11 Dimensions of LifeTM can be used to measure and optimize your Inspired Life. Read some of our top takeaways and watch the video below.

About Nora Tobin

Inspired Living: Physical Dimension specialist

Nora is the Health and Wellness Partner to The Ritz-Carlton, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection and Fortune 100 organizations; scaling corporate retreats, executive health coaching, virtual workshops and media campaigns. She is a Performance Enhancement and Nutrition Specialist, and editorial contributor to SHAPE magazine. Nora has received advanced certifications in helicopter, scuba and cliff rescue. Click here to learn more about Nora’s virtual retreats and workshops, or watch the video here.

The Dimensions of LifeTM

There are many different ways to address and understand your physical Dimension of LifeTM. Download the 11 Dimensions assessment here.

Stress Talk


Cortisol is needed to get us up in the morning, but it’s supposed to fall as we get to sleep. What’s typically happening with our stressful lives is that cortisol can just keep rising, adjusting to our daily stress levels.



Desk and Office work

Being in front of blue light emitted from screens can encourage cortisol, and cause problems if you are hoping to get good quality sleep later in the day. In addition, when we sit at our desks our stress levels also seems to rise.



How the balance affects us

Our bodies are efficient - they will naturally adapt to this need for cortisol by pulling the energy from other places. This imbalance means that stress will ultimately affect other areas of our lives.  Some examples are where energy is pulled from testosterone or hormones, which, for example, can result unexpected weight-gain - regardless of your nutrition or other factors!


To shift away from this, we need to lower our cortisol, and only 2-3 minutes a day is needed.


Watch Nora Tobin’s stress-reduction exercise in the video below.


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