Our Process

We are in the business of improving lives and we have developed and refined a process that enables us to do this.

We offer three solutions to serve our clients' needs. These include the Emerging Wealth Solution, Integrated Wealth Solution and Private Client Solution. Ask us how our solutions enable you to:

  • Integrate all aspects of your financial picture
  • Invest and grow your wealth
  • Minimize your tax burden
  • Maximize the impact of your assets
  • Define and optimize true wealth in your life

Our True Wealth Process:


First, we get to know you so that we can best assess your needs. >>

Then we explain our approach to wealth management, review the overall financial picture and listen carefully to accurately understand their goals. We also help them consider the big picture for their future, so that together we can make the financial decisions and life choices to help them get where they want to be.


Next, through our detailed discovery process, we refine and prioritize your top goals. >>

We take the time to outline goals for wealth, risk, investments and tax management. We come to an agreement regarding these established goals and set appropriate timelines for each.


Then, we create a customized plan that encompasses all aspects of your finances. The plan is a blueprint upon which we build the portfolio. >>

We will begin collaborating with other professional advisors at this time, so they can have confidence that their team is working together on their behalf. Next we review and fine-tune the plan and begin discussions regarding their portfolio allocation and risk tolerance. We design the portfolio based on personal values and priorities and work with their extended family to develop, execute and memorialize their mission and legacy. We make sure to closely monitor that their portfolios are invested prudently and appropriately. We set the plan in motion and keep our clients informed about their progress every step of the way.


In this final step, we help identify ways to leverage your passions and talents to help you enjoy more purpose, balance and impact in your life. >>

We offer value to our clients' lives so that they can enjoy more balance, inspiration and fulfillment, while achieving their future goals. The resources that we provide help our clients as they develop their Inspired Life Purpose into their third phase of life. We help clients identify what true wealth looks like for them and then we work together to ignite this vision into reality.