Markets Continue to Post Strong Gains

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By Brian Sottak, CFA, CAIA
Research Analyst and Alternatives Specialist

Summary: Global equities shrugged off geopolitical tensions and legislative headlines, posting strong gains in Q3. Returns were driven by a synchronized upswing in global growth, ongoing earnings recovery, and still supportive global monetary policy.

Market Wrap: In the U.S., the S&P 500 rose 4.4% over the quarter amid supportive macroeconomic data, strong earnings, and further weakness in the U.S. Dollar. The positive quarterly performance was the eighth straight positive quarter for the S&P 500. Tech stocks led the charge, returning 8.3% over the quarter. The dollar index fell more than 2.5%, down for a third straight quarter, gold was up over 7%, and WTI crude gained 10%, eclipsing $50 a barrel. Treasuries were weaker with the yield on the 10-year note experiencing its first quarterly increase of the year, while corporate bonds made positive returns, outperforming government bonds.

European stocks rallied in Q3 against a backdrop of positive economic data. The possibility that the European Central Bank may soon reduce its stimulus measures continued to be a focus for the market.

Asian markets were up across the region with Japan showing improved economic data, and politics taking the headlines as Prime Minister Abe called for an election to be held in October.

Emerging market equities were up over 8% in Q3, and have outperformed all asset classes year-to-date. Brazil was the strongest performer among the EM countries, amid reform progress, coupled with a reduced prospect of a return for the leftist Workers Party in the 2018 elections.

The Macro Environment: The global markets remained resilient in Q3, offsetting increased geopolitical tensions with North Korea and controversies surrounding President Trump. Despite the volatility in the legislative headlines, elevated consumer and business sentiment readings suggested some of the post-election optimism has remained intact. Indeed, we continue to be in a market environment of unprecedentedly low levels of volatility (see below).

The S&P 500 is enjoying its longest winning streak since July 2013, pulling volatility down to a record low. There have only been eight days this year where the S&P 500 has moved by more than +/- 1%, the quietest year on record since the early 1960s.

S&P movement in 2017 - winning streak

Source: LPL Research, Factset. 09/29/17
The modern design of the S&P 500 stock index was first launched in 1957. Performance back to 1950 incorporates the performance of predecessor index, the S&P 90.


The Fed announced that its balance sheet normalization will commence in October and stressed that the runoff should not have any meaningful impact on policy accommodation. Trump unveiled an ambitious tax plan proposing sweeping tax cuts for individuals and corporations. Lastly, the odds of a Fed interest rate increase in December jumped to around 78%, up from about 34% at the end of August, according to the CME FedWatch Tool.
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