Common Investment Questions

A deeper dive into the investment practices we employ at Mission Wealth.

Investment Video Library

What's the Importance of Investment Discipline?

Investment discipline involves focusing on long-term fundamentals, maintaining full investment and following a systematic approach to rebalancing. It removes emotions from the investment decision making process and may ultimately prove to better achieve the long term financial goals of our clients.

At Mission Wealth We believe that investment discipline is a critical component of portfolio management and vital to the success of any financial plan. 

What are the Benefits of Asset Location?

In this video we’ll cover the benefits of Asset Location. While asset allocation involves the optimal portfolio mix across asset classes, asset location focuses on how to most tax efficiently distribute those asset classes amongst different account types.

At Mission Wealth specific client circumstances may dictate asset location to a degree, but generally speaking, by incorporating asset location and tax considerations we ultimately help maximize the after tax returns for our clients.

What is Portfolio Rebalancing?

Portfolio rebalancing is moving your money between investments so you can maintain the perfect balance to help you achieve your financial goals.

At Mission Wealth, we employ disciplined, systematic rebalancing of your portfolio to maintain your risk and return profile to take advantage of “buy low, sell high” opportunities.

What is Tax Loss Harvesting?

Tax-loss harvesting is the selling of securities at a loss to offset a capital gains tax liability.

At Mission Wealth we proactively tax loss harvest across our client’s taxable accounts where suitable and when opportunities present themselves. Tax loss harvesting can provide significant tax savings and allows us to enhance the after-tax returns for our clients.

Why is Asset Allocation important?

The intent of Asset Allocation within portfolio design is to identify the right ‘mix’ of investments that align with your financial goals. It is the portfolio allocation across stocks, bonds, cash and other assets such as real estate. Well-designed portfolios help produce more consistency in returns.

At Mission Wealth we design portfolios with target asset allocations that provide an appropriate level of risk and return based upon your personal financial plan and your risk tolerance.

What is SRI, ESG and Impact Investing?

Socially Responsible Investing, Sustainable, ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance), and Impact Investing are a well-established and growing approach that considers both financial performance and societal good.

Mission Wealth's Social Values Portfolio incorporates your financial goals into an investment portfolio supporting your values that not only creates sustainability for you but also for the world around you.