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How Mergers and Integrations Can Be Used as a Pathway for Talent Acquisition

In Firm Announcements, Mergers and Integrations, Video/Podcast by Seth Streeter

In this Podcast, Michael Kitces interviews Seth Streeter on how Mission Wealth has been growing through mergers, but not just for the purpose of acquiring assets. Instead, with a ‘mergers & integrations’ approach to essentially hire-by-acquisition (or acqui-hire) financial advisors and their team members to get the additional staff to scale Mission’s own ongoing growth engine.

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CEO Excellence: Seth Streeter on Leaving the CEO Role to Increase His Impact

In Firm Announcements, Mergers and Integrations, Video/Podcast by Michelle Winkles

In this mini series podcast, Steve Sanduski met with Seth Streeter about work and life after exiting the role of CEO at Mission Wealth. Letting go of a company you’ve shepherded through successful growth may not be easy, but Seth Streeter did it voluntarily, while still in his early 50s, and moved to a different full-time role in the firm that better suits this stage of his life. Building a company that’s able to keep growing and succeeding without you at the helm is the mark of a job well done. Learn more in this podcast about how Seth let the culture he built and the team he assembled free him to explore new avenues for personal and professional growth.

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Seth Streeter and Dr. Daniel Crosby Discuss “Money with a Mission”

In Firm Announcements, Mergers and Integrations, Video/Podcast by Mission Wealth

Behavioral finance helps us understand how our financial decisions are greatly influenced by human emotion, biases, and cognitive limitations of the mind in how we process and respond to information. In this Podcast, Seth Streeter discusses some of the delicate tethers in people’s lives that keep them from achieving financial greatness. Our biases can explain many of the reactionary choices we make with our money. And as we know, gaining awareness is a positive first step.

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Mission Wealth Announces Merger with Sea to Peak Financial Advisors

In Firm Announcements, Mergers and Integrations by Mission Wealth

Mission Wealth LP announced today that it has merged with Sea to Peak Financial Advisors, a firm that operates out of both Seattle and Denver and oversees approximately $90 million in assets under management. Sea to Peak’s dedicated team not only strengthens Mission Wealth’s existing client service experience in Washington and Colorado, but the partnership will also enable Mission Wealth to better serve the needs of future clientele in these evolving regions. Read more about the acquisition in this article.